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If you have flair for Content Writing, we at Experts Badge provide you the platform to showcase your Word-Craft.

We are glad you are here and have shown interest in writing to us. We appreciate your passion for writing and are thus open to work with freelancers, guest writers and bloggers like you on one condition that you have to write unrivalled content that is a great fit for both our readers and website. 

Having said that, if you believe you have profound interest in writing and can write on different genres to leave a long-lasting impression on our readers mind then, this is for sure going to be your golden chance to show the world your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field of content creation.

So, if you’re really looking forward to the Experts badge to publish your article then, we suggest you carefully read this entire page.

Why Is Experts Badge Platform Open to Guest Post ‘Content Writing’ Services?

The sole reason of our platform for being open to freelance/guest post writing services is to incessantly deliver content before our readers from a fresh perspective and tone. This is basically to make sure they never get bored reading at Experts badge and be our prime readers forever.

Reason for Experts Badge Existence & How Writing for Experts Badge Benefits You?

Experts Badge is a platform that exists to serve the community of technical geeks with all sorts of troubleshooting topics, latest technical news, and how-to-guides in the form of finest quality and most straightforward way to help them succeed. 

Basically, the content that we post aims to not only help our readers in fixing tech gadgets and learning tech hacks but also to perform various tasks with technical products and services.

Thus, our website is immensely growing each passing day to become a highly popular technical website on the web. At present, it is regularly read by thousands of users, developers, designers, online marketing experts and many more. 

So, definitely writing for our platform will provide you a significant chance to show your expertise, broaden your horizon as a writer and to establish yourself as an expert in the technical field. 

What Experts Badge Platform Looking for in a Content Writer?

We at Experts Badge are always in search of ardent writers from a wide range of professional fields to get tied with our content writing services. So, if you have a keen interest for writing content and want to be a part of our writing team then, this is all what we’re looking for:

  • Great enthusiasm and passion for writing
  • Ample knowledge of Content Creation & SEO 
  • Reliable, Punctual, and Hard-working
  • Grammar Perfect
  • Full Dedication and Commitment for our Experts Badge website.
  • Content must be 100% original, informative, creative, and useful for our Experts Badge readers 
  • Catchy writing style to grab enough eyeballs
  • Outstanding Research Skills &
  • Respect for Deadlines 

What All Experts Badge Publish and in What Categories?

Albeit, we are blessed to have a team of hard-working, dedicated and talented professionals, bloggers, writers, and developers who put their blood and sweat in making ‘Experts Badge Website’ a one-stop platform where readers can get their hands on plenty of different topics which fall into these broad categories—

  • Internet
  • Email 
  • Yahoo
  • Gmail
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Software & Applications
  • Social Media 
  • YouTube
  • Sports
  • Movie
  • Finance
  • Windows & etc. 

Experts Badge Submission Rules!

  • On our website, plagiarism is strictly prohibited. In light of that, we recommend you to completely avoid writing content that is plagiarized because we only approve 100% unique and original content for publishing.
  • Additionally, Images also that you add in your content should be original and not copied from somewhere else. 
  • If you add images, screenshots, snip shots in your article then, make sure they are in the ‘895 & 537’ dimensions. 
  • With regard to ‘word-limit’ let us tell you that there’s no such limitation. You’ve all the freedom to write as many words as you want. However, there’s definitely a minimum world limit requirement and as per that you cannot write below 2500 words in a day.
  • Besides that, we want you to provide the gist or in simpler terms the summary of your written article. For that, you need to add a ‘Meta Description’ in your article of around 150-180 characters and not more than that.
  • Next, we recommend you not forget to include the official hyperlink of a legal and official source in your article if the same contains any data or statistics from it. 
  • If your article(s) that you submit to us are already posted or submitted elsewhere online then, we will not approve those submitted articles of yours.  Similarly, we also don’t allow you to do so after submitting your articles to us. 
  • Experts Badge has a ‘No Promotion’ policy and in regard to the same, we will not allow you to include any individual or brand promotion / endorsement link in your articles that you write for us. However, you can add links to your website’s bio in around 2-3 sentences.

Experts Badge Publication Process!

  • Once you submit your content to us, your job is done. Now, it is us who will analyze your submitted article to decide whether it is a potential fit for our website and has fully adhered to our submission criterion or not! 
  • Once we finish doing so, we will (as early as we can) apprise you of our decision whether we’ll publish your submitted piece of content or not.
  • If our decision is in your favor then, after your article gets published on our website, we’ll be the one who holds the complete right to do any sort of last-minute change or modification in your posted article.

In a Nutshell

To recapitulate, let’s altogether have a glimpse at ‘Step-by-Step Procedure for becoming a Part of Experts Badge Freelance-Content Writing Team:’

  • Step 1: First of all, you’ve to create interesting, impactful, eccentric, and user-friendly content using your own sort of Research techniques.
  • Step 2: Once you’re ready with your piece of writing, send it to us before Deadline.
  • Step 3: Following that, you must be (occasionally) open to re-writing, re-framing, and re-editing of Content.
  • Step 4: After you finish doing so, you can contact us for getting Feedback.
  • Step 5: And, in the end, you will get paid for your published articles. 

This is it! So, after reading what all is written here,  if you’re interested and consider yourself a perfect fit for our website then, we invite you to apply for our “Write for us” section.

For that, you can straightaway email us at ‘info.expertsbadge@gmail.com’ We will assure you to get back to you within 2 | 3 business days! 

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