We, at Experts Badge website, respect the online privacy concerns of our users and thus, with this privacy policy statement, we try our best to make you completely aware of our firm commitment to privacy. Reading our privacy policy practices will help you in making informed decisions regarding how careful you should be while sharing your personal information and also to determine how we handle the information that you share on our website. 

How Do We Collect Information When You Visit Experts Badge Website?

  • The only way we collect information from you, is through your own consent. To be precise, we may collect your personal information directly from you if you choose to provide so when you sign up for our newsletters, participate in forums, contests, and all such similar activities. The collected information will be available for anyone to read and capture the same, so be extra careful while entering your information. We strongly suggest not to enter your sensitive or personal data on the site. 
  • We and our third-party partners (Google Analytics) may automatically collect information regarding you such as your IP address, your login credentials, your Operating System’s characteristics, your browser details, system settings and other similar information by using tools like Cookies. Cookies are basically small strings of text files that are created to store bits of your information, when you visit a website. 
  • And, to manage the data that our site collects automatically, we place tags on our site as well as in emails through Web Beacons. They are files that connect web pages to a particular web server and their cookies for the purpose of analyzing the number of visitors visiting the site, their website surfing practices, their action of how many emails they have opened which the site sent and how many numbers of articles and links they have viewed.
  • Though, we use tools like Cookies and Web beacons to automatically collect your information but, we assure you to never share or disclose the same. But, we assume no responsibilities about the data, terms conditions, or privacy policy of the third-party sites that we don’t control or possess. Therefore, you also have the option to stop the cookies’ functionality right from your browser in case, if you wish so.

What Do We Do With The User-data We Collect?

The information and data that we collect on Experts Badge, we may use the same for the following purposes—

  • For offering products and services as per users request.
  • For performing data analytics regarding the usage of our site.
  • For improving our business and how better we can conduct ourselves against our competitors.
  • For protecting our users against fraud, identity theft and other such illegal activities.
  • For meeting the applicable legal requirements and also to the company’s policies.
  • For effectively responding to comments, queries and requests of users to provide our support.
  • And, last but not least, for offering opportunities to participate in online activities like events, programs, contests and more similar activities. 

Why Do We Share Information That We Collect?

The utmost reason why we may share the information is that the service provider that works with us, may need the information from us to carry out their work on our behalf. Other than this, the rest of the reasons for which we may share user’s information are as follows—

  • For preventing any sort of loss or harm to the company.
  • For conducting any legal process or when required by the law.
  • For informing advertisers about the nature and characteristics of the users base
  • For the purposes of internal business and,
  • For data analytics and statistical purposes.

How Do We Safeguard All The Information And Data We Collect?

To protect the data of our users from any unlawful or unauthorized ‘loss, alteration, use and destruction’ we undertake all sorts of administrative, technical and physical measures. However, we do not guarantee the security of information that is transmitted online.

Children’s Privacy Guideline:

Our Expert Badge website has not been designed for children’s use. Thus, we do not collect personal data and related information of children especially who are below the age of 16. However, in case if we accidentally or unknowingly collected under 16 children’s data then, we make sure to delete all such information as soon as we get aware of the same. 

Data Retention:

The personal data of users that we retain will comply with our Privacy Policy and the above-listed purposes for which it was retained. 

How Will You Get Informed About Our Privacy Policy Updates?

We occasionally keep updating our Privacy Policy and by visiting it here at regular intervals, you can keep yourself informed about the changes that we made to our Privacy Policy statement. Moreover, when we make any material change, we usually post a notice or send you a notification to inform you about the same.

Ethics Policy

We paid our contributors (that create and publish content on our Expert Badge website) as per their contribution such as how much account of content they have created for our website.  We allow only those authorized writers and freelancers who focus to generate not only practical but also trustworthy information and content. Overall, we focus to only offer our users with a productive piece of content through a unique team of writers, editors, and developers.

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