to Make Your Home More Warm, Welcoming

There is no place like home. 

No matter if you’re a solo backpacker or a busy mom, your home should make you feel like a safe place where you can just wind down after a busy day.

“Ah, I’m finally back.” 

This is the feeling you should get from your home.

So, how do you make your home a warm, welcoming, and comfortable place?

In this article, we will discuss how you can create such a place without having to transform every room in your house.

Layer Your Soft Furnishings 

Whether it is your bedroom, your lounge, your office or indeed, every room throughout the property that you are intent on transforming into a warmer and more welcoming place to be, you simply cannot go wrong with soft furnishings, specifically the thicker, more textured and more layered the better.

Think about how warm and cozy an après ski chalet feels, and channel this style of Scandinavian chic (alternatively referred to as Hygge design in the world of interior design) – it will go a long way. 

Cream or white pillar candles, thick and plush rugs on the floor and oversized blankets over the sofa are all Hygge in effect and will add depth to create a more immersive room. 

Indoor Plants 

An exceedingly affordable way of injecting a welcoming ambiance is to introduce more calls to nature throughout your home’s decor and, specifically, in an effort to set you up with the best possible chance of keeping these plants alive, choosing the right species of plants to go in the right rooms. 

In the bathroom, you need to be heading to your local garden centre and investing in moisture-absorbing plants such as the Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera and Devil’s Ivy, whereas in the kitchen, look for plants that naturally help to clean the air, such as Herbs, Philodendron, Spider Plants and English Ivy. 

In your bedroom, the best plants are the sweet-smelling Lavender, Pothos, Snake Plant, Jasmine, Dracaena, and even Lucky Bamboo, whereas in the living room, on higher shelves, consider the Fiddle-Leaf Fig and the beautiful Bird of Paradise plant. 

Concentrate on the Lighting 

Next, not only should you be looking to change and update your lighting fixtures themselves, but also the shade and setting of the brightness of your lightbulbs as well. 

Energy efficient lightbulbs are both eco-friendly and therefore, a contributor to a reduction in your household energy bills, but tend to also be in warmer whites, rather than that harsh, bright white light that is both uncomfortable and far from welcoming. 

Underfloor Heating 

Another excellent way of not only bringing warmth and indeed, actual heat, into your home is to look into the installation of underfloor heating in one or more rooms. 

Just some of the numerous advantages of underfloor heating include the following:

  • An eco-friendly choice for heating the home
  • Low maintenance 
  • Energy efficiency resulting in savings on your energy bills
  • Complete control of the heat in that room
  • A comfortable and safe way of injecting warmth 

When looking for the right professional electrician to install your underfloor heating, make sure that any tradesman you choose to hire only invests in high-quality safety protection and the best brands of tools from a renowned stockist like

Add More Personal Touches

Family photographs, souvenirs and gifts from foreign climes and ostentatious pieces of artwork proudly presented to you by your children are all personal touches to add to a space to exemplify a friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, you could even choose to move away from a typical ‘fashionable’ color scheme and instead let your children choose bright and bold details to sprinkle throughout your home and designs. 

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