If you want to buy gold in India, you will have to find the best place for it. However, what defines the best place for buying gold? Undoubtedly a place where you can buy the purest gold at the cheapest price easily would be considered the best place for buying gold. fortunately in India, the price of gold varies between cities. You can confirm this right now by looking up the gold price in Agra and matching the price with the gold price in Trivandrum. Hence it can be confusing for a new buyer to know where to buy gold from. Hence to help you out here we make a list of the best cities and states to buy gold from.


Kerala is a state in India. It is the second largest state in India and is often referred to as God’s Own Country. The state has a well-developed infrastructure, including roads, railways, and airports. The state also has a rich cultural heritage with many ancient temples, churches, and mosques scattered throughout the region. The main language spoken in Kerala is Malayalam, which belongs to the Dravidian family of languages spoken across south India. English is taught in most schools, though a few schools are bilingual (English-Malayalam). 

The state of Kerala is the cheapest home for gold trading in India. This state has a good market for the buyers and sellers of gold and they have a lot of options to choose from. Gold dealers who want to sell their products to buyers can easily get them at a reasonable price. The most important thing is that they have good quality customers who are ready to buy their goods at a very low price.


The city of Bangalore is known for its low cost of living and high quality of life. As per the latest data, it is ranked as the cheapest city to buy gold in India. The price of gold in Bangalore is only Rs 47,730 per 10 grams which is a little more expensive than in Kerala but still good enough to buy a couple of pieces of gold without breaking your budget.


Chennai has been among the top five cities with the cheapest gold prices in India for many years now. You can also find some really good deals at local jewelry stores if you want to buy gold online from Chennai. There are countless gold sellers in Chennai you can get it delivered anywhere within 2 days after placing an order through online channels.


The capital city of India is also one of the cheapest cities in India to buy gold. The reason behind this is that the gold market in Delhi is very transparent and organized. There are several dealers in Delhi who sell gold for a very low price, which makes it affordable for every Indian citizen. The best part about buying gold in Delhi is that you can find many options available for you to choose from. You can even buy online from online retailers


Mumbai is the most expensive city in India, but it also offers one of the cheapest prices for gold in the country. Today gold price in Mumbai is Rs 49,500 for 22-karat gold. The best part is you can buy gold in Mumbai from online retailers thereby allowing you to invest from the comfort of your home.

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