When investing in a new couch or a set of couches, there are so many choices that it can feel somewhat overwhelming when trying to work out the best style of chair for the room and the best material for durability, considering your lifestyle.

So, with that being said, continue reading for a simple guide to different styles of couches. 

Modular Couches 

First and foremost, one popular style of couch that is gaining in popularity with both customers in the US and overseas is the modular couch.

Basically, modular couches are perfect for someone who takes pride in seeking out more unusual and flashy pieces of furniture because they are often bold statement pieces that stand out in any room as they are large and comfortable with plenty of room for everyone to curl up on. As such, they are most ideally suited for rooms with a sense of dramatic flair. 

Tuxedo Couches 

Most likely to be found in an interior living space with a more minimalistic vibe, the tuxedo couch is amongst the most formal of chair designs. 

As the name suggests, a tuxedo couch is focused on style and aesthetics. Many people tend to opt for a tuxedo couch for more of a statement piece and focal point rather than an everyday chair to lounge and relax in. 

Sectioned Couches 

If you share your home with your partner and your children, or else want all the space in the world when reclining, instead of the above style of more formal seating, it is instead necessary to focus on a larger and more informal style of couch which is specifically designed for lounging. 

Sectioned, or sectional, couches also have the added benefit of acting as a makeshift extra bed for when friends or family members unexpectedly stay overnight. 

Togo Sofas 

If you have not already been familiar with the iconic Togo sofa, then where have you been?

Purchasing one of the stunning togo sofas from Ligne Roset will add a flair of creativity and drama to any room of any size, making for a durable seating choice that will last you for many, many years to come and will also mean you are sporting an incredibly stylish furniture icon in your home. 

Love Seats 

For smaller rooms, a love seat is an ideal choice for a couch that is both comfortable and diminutive in size.

Ideal for fancy-free couples living in a small apartment, although obviously just as suitable for anybody’s bottom, the cushions in a love seat are deliberately designed for comfort and warmth immersion. 

The Classic Arm Roll Couch

Finally, perhaps the style of couch that most people, when asked to draw a couch, would envision is that of the classic arm roll couch or the English roll couch. 

English arm roll couches are so timeless and popular because they can fit into any shape of room, come in a seemingly endless array of colors, fabrics, sizes, and textures, and are ultimately comfortable.

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