Feeling low because you have not been productive at all for this entire week?

Maybe you are doing something which is leading to this chain of unproductivity and demotivation later. After all, feeling unproductive has its reasons. At times we make foolproof plans to get through the day, but by the end of the day, we technically haven’t done anything. You get frustrated and do two things-

  •  Ditch the routine.
  • Start being too hard on yourself, and keep repeating that you are useless.

Now, before we get into the rest of the article, we would kindly suggest you stop this self-humiliation. Not only will it delay your productivity, but it can worsen your mental health. If you find yourself continuing with this habit, it is time to see a therapist and get some professional help.

Now, here is why your productivity is going down.

Giving Up Too Easily

You have just started with your productive routine, and let’s say that the first day was not very successful. So were the second and the third. Yes, there is a possibility that your routine might not yield results for at least one week.

 Being productive induces happy hormones in our minds, and the lack of it even after multiple tries could be exhausting. However, you need to keep going because right now, maybe you are not seeing the change, but it is there.

 It is probably after a month when you look back at your productivity chart; you will see how much you have done more than the month before. Trust us; you are being productive. You need a fresh batch of motivation sometimes. 

Movies and books can provide you with this because when we live vicariously through other characters, we start to feel like them. Download all the movies which can motivate you from the pirate bay, and keep the playlist with you at all times.


Did you know that it is humanly impossible to multitask? If you are someone who thinks that you are doing two things at once, then get out of the illusion. Because all you are doing is ‘task shifting.’ Not only is it less effective, but it cuts down on your productivity exponentially.

In this case, you are not able to concentrate on either of the tasks properly. The work remains half-hearted and not really 100%. When you are doing too many things at once, it is easier to get distracted by other work, and by the end of the day, you see that nothing is complete. 

Expecting Too Much Too Soon

You have just started working out. Will you be able to do a pull-up that very day? 


 You have to first warm up your body to the idea of working out, eat enough to get the energy required for such a vigorous workout, increase your core strength, and then probably, after going to the gym for more than a month or so, you are ready to do a pull-up.

 The same can be said about your productivity. If you think that the first day you sit with your new routine, you are going to finish everything you have been planning for a month; then you are setting yourself up for failure. Do not put yourself under too much pressure with extreme expectations.

For the first week, take it slow, and incorporate new habits every day. 

Not Eliminating Toxic Behavior

It is not just about forgetting your toxic past or your toxic habits. There is toxicity in your daily behavior as well. This includes negative self-talk, being too self-criticizing (and not in a healthy manner), and thinking too much about other people and what they would think.

These toxic behaviors will not only decrease your productivity but also make you feel low. Increasing productivity, having a healthy routine, eating healthy, and other elements of self-care are something you do for yourself.

 You shouldn’t have to be answerable to anyone about how you make yourself happy.

Making A Proper Routine!

If you are starting with your productivity journey, there could be nothing better than making a good routine. Understand that you wouldn’t be following a routine forever. This is just till you incorporate a new habit, and bring a change. Start with a simple routine, and make a small list of goals. Everything you wish to achieve from this productive week, and just concentrate on that.

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