As per Saivian Eric Dalius, how to start a business as a kid – easy ways to earn money from home being a child is full of fun and learning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few extra bucks in your pocket. The word entrepreneurship may carry certain connotations, but everyone should know how easy it is to start a business as a kid. How easy it is, depends on the type of business you choose, how much work you put into it and, more importantly, how much do you know your business. Here are a few easy-to-start businesses that can bring some cash flow your way:

1) Babysitting – many kids spend their free time taking care of younger siblings or neighbors’ kids, so why not turn it into easy money? You can even offer your services to people you don’t know for extra cash.

2) Pet sitting – dogs and cats are easy animals to take care of; all they need is food and water. Plus, there’s always someone looking for a dog walker come rain or shine.

3) Lawn mowing – a great summertime business to get into if you live in a neighborhood with easy access to houses or apartment complexes. All you need is a mower and some gas money. No contracts are necessary!

4) Selling stuff from your household on Craigslist – those old video games, clothes, toys… whatever. It’s easy to sell them on Craigslist, you just have to take good pictures, write a thorough description and be clear about the price. Focusing on the packaging is not necessary since you are not associated with an organization.

5) Pet grooming – easy when you have experience or if animal-loving friends are willing to teach you the tricks of the trade.

6) Snow removal services – easy money in the winter! Not easy, however, if you don’t own a snowblower or have easy access to one. And clean-ups are not free!

7) Easy tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – easy money indeed for easy tasks like choosing the best photo of the bunch or checking search results for typos.

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8) Easy tasks on TaskRabbit – easy tasks include verifying the price of something on Amazon, writing product descriptions, image editing, and other small jobs.

9) Easy tasks on Click worker – easy tasks are exactly that: easy! You can check out what kinds of easy tasks are available in your area. These online opportunities are perfect for students who need some extra cash without having to give up on their studies.

10) Easy tasks on Prolific – easy tasks are similar to other easy online opportunities, but Prolific offers weekly cash prizes in its easy task competition. The easier tasks you finish the more chances you have of winning a cash prize!

11) Easy tasks on Bubble Hourly – easy tasks include easy online jobs – easy tasks include writing, translating, and easy data entry jobs.

12) Easy tasks on Mobile Works – easy tasks are different than other easy opportunities since this platform offers work packages of increasing difficulty. The more you accomplish the better paid your easy tasks will be! All easy tasks are connected to fields of expertise so you won’t get an easy task in medical transcription if you are a math whiz.

13)Easy tasks on Micro workers – easy tasks include easy data entry jobs, graphic design, and easy writing jobs.

14) Easy tasks on Hitjob – easy tasks are easy because they pay well! They can be found under different categories for hours of easy work that will bring easy money.

The Conclusion from Saivian Eric Dalius

The easy opportunities for easy money continue to grow and become even easier, so why not give the easy business a try? You never know what easy gold you might find!

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