What Is Hyperverse?

The Hyperverse, earlier known as Hyperfund, is an online parallel universe, i.e, a metaverse that includes planets in millions. Through Hyperverse, users that are also known as players and voyagers can connect with any of their friends virtually. This makes them experience different types of lifestyles and cultures.

Roman Mikhailov and Arsen Avdalyan are co-founders of the Hyperverse who found it in Austin, Texas, (USA) and brought it into existence in 2016. 

Hyperverse website

What is Hyperverse’s Specialty?

Hyperverse or Hyperfund creates an opportunity for every individual to start any new business virtually and discover the whole universe. The founders believe in giving equal and fair opportunity to everyone living in the galaxy. Thanks to the amazing platform for bringing this unique idea of breaking the long barriers and implementing the strategy to give these ideas a real meaning.

The platform is owned and governed by all the users doing trade there, and hence every member feels the ownership allotted to him besides being a user. Thus, decentralization is the base of Hyperverse’s functionality. 

People are free to socialize with anyone residing in any corner of the world through the incredible online platform. It breaks the geographical barriers and thus the chances of infinite opportunities are widened. With such diverse users connected to one another, an exchange of cultures and lifestyles can also take place, which enriches users’ experience. Therefore, Hyperverse is not limited to doing business only, rather it’s all-pervasive.  

Now, you must be well-equipped with enough knowledge about what Hyperverse is and what does it do?

Now is the time to know how you can access the Hyperfund com login platform via the https://h5.thehyperverse.net/ website.

How Can I Register/Sign Up On Hyperverse?

Signing up with Hyperverse or Hyperfund is quite easy and within a few simple steps, you will be registered on the platform. Let’s have a look at the following steps and understand how the procedure goes: 

Register on Hyperverse panel
  • Fill in your username, password, and referral code (the username of the person who referred it to you. If you don’t know, get the username of the one who invited you to enroll in Hyperverse.)  Click “Next Step”

Make sure that your Hyperfund login’s password has: 

  1. Minimum 8 characters, i.e, the more characters in your password, the better it will be.
  2. Minimum 1 uppercase and lowercase letter
  3. Minimum 1 numeral.
Process of registration
  • Submit your email address. 
  • Press the button which reads “Get verification code”. Enter the code you received in your mail and click on “next step”.
fill in the Verification code
  • Fill in a 6-digit transaction password. (You have to secure your username, login password, and transaction password to avoid any cyber risk.) Press the button which reads “Register now”.
Click on “Register Now”

 Finally, your account is successfully registered. 

What is the Process For Hyperfund Login?

The following are the important requirements to log into your Hyperverse or Hyperfund account successfully:

  • The official IP address for the h5.the hyperfund.com login account or Hyperverse login app.
  • Valid and active username and password.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Devices such as a PC, laptops, smartphones, or tablets must be connected to the internet.

On obtaining all the above-mentioned conditions, the process of login will be possible.

How Can I Log in via hyperverse.net?

The process is very easy and can be completed within a few seconds. Look at the following mentioned steps and implement them one by one:

  • Visit the website of Hyperfund or Hyperverse

        URL: https://thehyperverse.net/    

  • Click the “Login button” which is available at the top right side of the homepage.
Click on login
  • You will be landed on a new page, click on login again.
Hyperverse panel
  • Fill in your username and password. Fill it out accurately. To verify, you may click on the eye icon to see whether the password submitted is correct or not.
  • Check the option that reads “agree to service agreement” and proceed to log in

Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to your account.

Click on login

How Can I Reset My Forgotten Password?

If you are not able to recall your https://h5.thehyperverse.net/   password, you don’t need to panic. You can reset it anytime within a few easy steps. We will guide you in quite short steps to get your problem solved while doing Hyperfund login. Here are the steps: 

Click “Forgot your password”
  • Click the button which says “Forgot the Password?”
  • Fill in your username and the Email address where a verification code will be sent. Click on  “Get verification code”
  • Go to your mail. You may have received the code to reset your password along with some set of instructions. Read them properly and follow them accordingly. 
Final step for changing the password

You will get a new password to your Hyperfund account following the process. You can follow this process anytime you forget your password.

I Didn’t Get An Email With Verification Code. What Should I Do?

Any legal authentication gets completed after you receive mail for any account you create online. And when you don’t get any verification mail after successful registration, it bothers you. To solve this same issue while doing Hyperfund login, consider the following points:

  • Your first preference should be Gmail as your sign-up mail to receive a verification code because it doesn’t carry any risk.
  • Check your spam folder or any other one from the emails section. You may often get important emails transferred to your spam folder also, therefore check all your folders properly.
  • If you are not able to locate any mail in your spam as well, try a different device or a tab or smartphone.

If anything doesn’t work, send an email from your side to the customer support department of the Hyperfund or Hyperverse website. 

I Have Forgotten My Transaction Password. What Should I Do?

If you are not able to remember your transaction password after constant effort, take the help of the following guide.

  • Verify the security queries to easily reset your transaction password. Before moving to the actual process, please complete three security questions, i.e, Go to your account > Security center >Set security questions
Transaction password
  • Choose three security questions and answer them properly. After finishing, click on “Submit”. (Answering security questions is case-sensitive, therefore, please pay proper attention to any answers filled with spaces). And then, go back to the security center.
  • Click on “Set transaction password” and then on “forget the password.”
step 2 of changing transaction password
  • Click on “Verify now” in the new window. Submit the answers to three security-based questions. Click “submit”. 
Submit answers
  • After completing the above process, enter your new password. Reconfirm it by filling it in one more time and then, click confirm.
Confirm new password

And, it’s done. You may follow this strategy anytime if you face the same issue again ahead. 

I Want to Update My Transaction Password. How to Proceed? 

  • Visit Account page > Security center > Set transaction password to set.
Account page
  • Follow the set of guidelines to renew your old transaction password. Click “Confirm”. Hurray, you have done it.  
update transaction password

I Forgot/Want to Update My Email. How to Get it Done?  

  • Search for the account page. Go to the security level
  • Check your security settings. Open the security center and select the link with the email.  
Account page
  • Submit a new email address where you can receive updates related to your account. Click on “get the code” which you will get in your email inbox.
  • Fill in that verification code and transaction password, i.e., the old email verification code. 
verification code
  • Click on “confirm”. And with this, your email will be changed, and you are done. 

I Can’t Memorize My Username. What’s the Solution? 

Sadly, there is no way to change a username. In case, someone has forgotten his/her username, the only way is to contact the respective referrer to obtain a username.

How Can I Change Security Questions?  

Sadly, questions and answers related to security can’t be changed. If you forgot your security questions and answers, then the only solution is to verify them once again through the security center. 

Security questions

Once done, click “Verify answer”. Do cross-check and see if the email is connected to your account. If it is, enter the verification code you received in your email to get the security answers.

Verify security answers

Note: The answers must be written in appropriate cases. Hence, make appropriate spaces for the answers also. 

How Can I Contact Hyperfund?  

If you face any further issues or want to inquire Hyperfund for any other related issue, you may take the help of their contact page available on their official website, https://thehyperverse.net/. You can contact anyone at Hyperfund by dialing 512-934-4283.

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