Owning its history from the year 1992, and being one of the flourishing businesses in the retail business JCPenny alias JCP has encompassed a major part of the continent America.

With more than 669 store chains in 49 states, it has an omniscient presence in nearly all services from coffee to clothing.

If you are one of the fortunate JCPenny employees or one planning in the future then the upcoming information by mere scroll can help you a lot in future.

So without any further ado let’s explore the employee world of JCPenny associates.

Essential Details About JCPenney Associate Kiosk

JCPenney associate logo

JCP with such a huge growth maintains its employees data and related information all safely stacked in their JCPenny Associate website. It sounds hectic already to handle a plethora of employees with few HRs so the website option came as a talisman. 

The gentle solution for employees with specific websites have made it convenient for the workspace engine to flow seamlessly.

An employee can easily check the following details in the JCPenney kiosk associate website.

  • Schedules
  • Work hour
  • Leaves
  • Absence
  • PTO(Paid time off) & MTO(mandatory time off)
  • Paychecks 

And much more essential information…

Let’s enter the gateway of JCP by knowing the login details and process.

Requirements Before Entering JCPenney Website

Hey! Wait if you are directly entering the JCPenney employees website without knowing the essentials to carry along. A safe list below has been embedded for you to make the task much easier and less chaotic.

  • Username

One of the first essential requirements is the 9 digit username or user Id. It allows one to access the associate website with ease.

  • Password

You should have the key to your jcpenney dashboard i.e. the password. Double check it before you go for the logins.

Password on JCpenney
  • Active Browser

To enter the website of jcpenney kiosk associates one needs a working browser to get through the lengthy processes easily.

  • JCPenny Associate Website Address

Jcpassociates.com is the right website destination to go for the ride into your employee details into the jcpenney website.

  • Healthy Internet Connection

A healthy internet connection can assist one to avoid absurd headaches.

  • Suitable Device

Any smart & suitable device or system can help you get into the jcpenney website very efficiently. Any gadget that can open the gate towards browsers can be used to approach the jcpenney kiosk associates.

After going through the above list, I hope you will take great care of the above information and will not forget to carry the essential credentials while visiting the employees website.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login Guide Step by Step

Login into the JCPenney Kiosk associate connects the employees with the essential information and regular updates. The pivotal information smartly keeps them connected with their work and decisions.

  1. Enter into the official site of the JCPenny associate kiosk.

Note: the official site of JCPenney Associate is www.jcpenney.com/activate

  1. The page for the active associates will appear. Among many options click on Associate Kiosk@home
JCPenney associate login
  1. The next page holding the jcpenney information security will appear. Enter your Username and password details very diligently.
login of jcpenney
  1. Tap on login if you are sure with the details you pinned in.
  1. The employee dashboard will appear in mere seconds. Go through it and get the details.

and, here you are done with the primary simple steps of login.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Password Reset Counsel

meme on changing password

Losing passwords on any of the social media sites or platforms is another reason for pain in our bones.

If you are facing the issue of forgetting your password and thinking of resetting it , the following steps can help you to reach your goal at JCPenney.

  1. Enter the official website of JCPenney Associate kiosk.
  1. On another page, tap on Associate kiosk@ home password reset.
Associate kiosk Jcpenney
  1. Enter your 9 digit user ID.
Password in to Associate kiosk JCPenney
  1. Answer the security question on the next page. 
JCPenny employee reset password
  1. Agree to the terms and conditions and click on Continue.
associate JCPenney password reset
  1. Enter the new password next and simultaneously ctap on Change password.
Right convention for your Password- First two digits after JCP  are your date of month. Next  two digit should be your birth year(last two digit of your birth year) following the SSN(Social security number)
JCPenny employee password aid

Employees Incentive at JCPenney Associate Kiosk 

JCPenny has a considerable amount of tempting incentives from health to time-of benefits for keeping its employees satisfied in addition to  providing a safe security employee environment.

  1. Attractive discounts await specially for the employees.
  1. Star employees get 30% off of all the products that they desire.
  1. The JCPenney website aids the employees to get at least 25% off on all of their products.
  1. FAQs in the website itself aids the employees to get the cure to their queries easily.
  1. From work schedules to the leave every essential detail remains updated for the associates.
  1. Attractive policy and plans in dentals and pension also stay stuck to their employee’s booklet. 
  1. Medical benefits are made available for the family members of the employee.
Are you aware of the fact that JCpeeny requires the applicant to have a physical US address.

Special Discount Offers for Employees at JCPenney

Discounts are the reason one gets smiles in the big stores and shopping malls. Employees at the JCPenney can easily avail the benefits at the moment by the right process as it can save a lot.

Login to your employee account at JCPenny through www.jcpassociates.com through your User Id and password. Scroll to the Discount section. You will find different discounts and coupons information there.


Customer Support

customer support at JCPenney

One of the pleasant features of jcpenney associate kiosk is the attention they give to their essential employees.

Some contact details have been carved below for your convenience. Have a look.

  • Contact if facing reset password issue

    1-800- 870-1111

  • Jcpenney absence management system


  • If skylight card stolen


  • Queries regarding garnishments


  • Jcpenney home office associate contact info


  • Jcpenney shared services


Social Media Contacts of JCPenney

Connecting to stores through social media contacts and addresses adds a lot of fun in knowing them much closer though virtually.

From the latest store collection to the new coupon ideas make the presence of the physical store more closer. JCP itself has its vibrant presence in social media through many handles and accounts.

Let’s dip more into their social media accounts to know them more.

JCP associate kiosk on facebook

The Facebook account of JCPenney can surely keep one engaged in stories and post about all the latest updates from new offers to new items.

JCPenney on Twitter

Through JCPenny twitter one can keep a birds eye view at the new programmes, plans and ideas of Twitter through their useful tweets.

JCPenney on Instagram social media

Instagram is the application of trends so, let the trend reforms through entertaining reels flow to you to stay modernised.

JCPenney Pinterest account for social interaction

Pinterest has the power to hold you for hours as the ideas and thoughts shared there are ready to engage you every second. JCPenny too has its Pinterest account, have a look of their creative side.

JCPenney Youtube account

Youtube video content keeps us logged in with live and imperative updates of Youtube. It can assist the employees and the audience through visual effects thus their youtube account must be watched.


Ans: To get the check details enter into JCPenny associate website and Open your “paycheck stub”. If it says “advice” then you have the direct deposit and if it sees “check” then you have paper check

Ans: Ask for the changes from the leader of your store to make changes to your attendance details if you are facing the schedule or attendance mishandling in the jcpenney website.

Ans: You can contact the JCPenney associate kiosk through 1-800-567-9248.

Ans: Your default password for the JCP employee kiosk is exactly 11 digits.

Ans: SSN is the social security number in the Password of your JCPenney login website. SSN is the last four digits of your password. It is primarily used to ensure that the applicant is more than 18 year old.

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