The journey to health and normalcy is a difficult, but achievable one. Each year, thousands of people in recovery are faced with the question of what to do to help themselves through the recovery process.

This article shines a light on some honest tips from former substance abusers who dug themselves out of the trench. Also, for recovery, contact Emmaus suboxone clinic located in Nashville.

Watch Who and What You Let in Your Life

Sadly, one very common mistake that a lot of recovering addicts make revolves around the fact that they do not carefully screen who enters their lives. Here are some tips to help you do this:

Find a community or network: Finding the right community is extremely important. When you surround yourself with people who are going through the same thing you are going through or something similar, it removes the feeling of loneliness that many addicts have.

Watch your prescription: When taking any drugs for any reason whatsoever, be sure that they aren’t drugs that can trigger your substance abuse. Be open with your doctor or pharmacist about the need to stay away from certain drugs.

Cut off old friends who use said substances: You must realize that no matter how many times you quit, continuing to associate yourself with people who abuse certain substances will suck you right back in. Cut off from such people

Surround yourself with supportive people: Realize that you have every right and ability to cut off unsupportive people. The journey is hard enough without Negative Nancys. Surround yourself with Positive Peters instead.

Watch How You Spend Your Time

The way you let the hours go by is equally capable of deciding how successful you could be. Here are some tips to help you out:

Get a job: being productive is extremely necessary. If you are like some people that do not have to work, get a job still. Exchanging time and services for money is one of the best ways to get back out there.

Exercise: Remember that your general wellness depends very heavily on how well you exercise. Go to the gym or do it at home. Either way, get your body moving.

Journal: Another healthy way to spend your time and vent is by recording your progress. Document the days where you feel like sunshine with a splash of magic. It’ll help you get past those days you feel like doom, death, and destruction.

Meditation: Getting in touch with your inner-self is a great way to find peace and balance. A meditation period is a selfish period where you cater to your spirit and soul. A lot of recovering and recovered addicts swear by how much meditation helped them.

Hobbies: I know it’s kind of cliche, but it’s really true: An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. In simpler words, it is much easier to slip back into bad habits when there’s too much time on your hands. Pick a hobby and get busy. Try out writing, drawing, singing, knitting, baking, cooking, etc

What What You Let Define You

Society has a negative view of addicts and we can understand why. This negative view affects the way a lot of addicts see themselves. It is hard to see any good in yourself when everyone seems to be shouting the opposite.

Final Thoughts

Here is a very important piece of advice: your mistakes do not define you. You aren’t a permanent addict. You’re a human being first and you have everything you need to write a new chapter for yourself. Pick up the pen!

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