In any organization, all the executives, managers, and staff members are always busy finding different ways to improve their profit ratio and business performance. Some think team-based, horizontal, and organization structures are the best ways for involving 100% output of all employees and this leads to business success. So when an organization is thinking of different team-building approaches, they would consider a continuous improvement, total quality, self-directed teamwork, lean manufacturing, etc for improving results. In this article, we are going to talk about the very famous 8 C’s of team building that plays a vital part in the success of any organization. 

Did You Know?

Following are some of the stats and facts relevant to team building.

  • According to our research, 2500% of organizations have started to invest in virtual team building after the COVID-19 situation. 
  • Among the different countries that have started to invest in virtual team building, the United States is ranked #2.
  • Similarly, employee isolation has led to a decrease in up to 21% of productivity.
  • If team members socialize with one another, then this improves 50% of the communication patterns.  

The Famous Eight C’s:


By condition, here it means the team members must have all the resources they need to become successful. Here it is very important for leaders to show that teamwork matters and that the leader has provided optimal conditions for his team to work properly. 


Here the members must work in a way that not only they trust each other but also feel obligated towards contributing to teamwork. If for any reason, the members fail to play their part then the entire team can face greater conflict and reduced performance and this would ultimately cost the organization. So such an environment has to be created where the team members trust each other and give their best.


The most obvious sign of an effective team is that they foster mutual support, flexibility, and adaptability. Effective teams are the ones that try to coordinate their processes and match all the requirements of the given task. The best example to explain this C is, in times of any emergency, the team must increase their communication by sharing all the information and planning with every member. 


Communication is something that occurs in a very precise, clear, and timely way. There are protocols set for effective teams to exchange information and their members then communicate with each other as many times as possible but face-to-face. All the members tend to play their part equally and note that all the contributions are succinct and to the point. 

Further, this can also help with the overall reputation of the business as communication is key when it comes to customers.


Team cognition involves having a shared understanding of tasks and member roles. Here all the team members are clear on what their tasks are, the type of equipment they will need, and other details. 


Effective leaders are the ones that not only promote teamwork but also seem to care about every single member of their team. They facilitate their teams by establishing norms and building the trust of each member. Similarly, they also try to engage in team-building and focus on all such conditions that can lead to success. 


Conflict can arise in any team but only effective teams are the ones that provide a safe climate to deal with a conflict. And this climate is what we call psychological safety. This safety can only be promoted through active listening and expressing concern about different problems and focusing on just the problem and not the people. 

Lack of Clarity:

Lack of Clarity is something that is considered to be the biggest team killer. It is defined as the lack of clarity in not only roles but responsibilities as well. And by that, we mean the team members not knowing who has to do what, when, why, and with whom. So it is very important for team members to know their roles and responsibilities. 


From the above details you now know what the 8C’s of team building are and their importance in building up a very successful and effective team. 

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