Once one enters class 6, then the students need to start focusing more on all the subjects including mathematics. Though it seems like a tough subject to score, if one can understand the subject properly, then it is quite easy to score high in the examination. In fact, one can also score full marks in class 6 maths papers if they can study in a strategic manner.

Major Ways to Prepare for Maths Examination

  • First of all, one needs complete all NCERT solutions. This goes without saying for all the CBSE students. It is the most essential book when it comes to scoring high in examinations. The class 6 maths examinations are mostly centered on chapters that are there in the class 6 NCERT book. One should organize the way they need to study and complete all the chapters first. Then only, one can start referring to other guides and books. In fact, the NCERT books also follow the exam patterns on the official websites of CBSE.
  • Time is always essential when it comes to scoring high in maths examinations. The faster one can solve maths problems, the more time one can have to revise all the answers or give more time to a difficult problem. When one is solving maths problems at home, they must keep a timer next to them. It is a good idea to use a timer so that they can estimate the correct time they are taking to solve the questions from a particular chapter. One must keep practicing different sets of questions from a single chapter to figure out whether their basics are clear or not. Working on time will also help one in practice more, which will eventually make their basics more and more understandable.
  • Many students think that reading through a chapter in this subject can be more than enough to understand the concepts and that they can easily solve the questions later. Reading theoretical chapters can be of some use, but one’s understanding of this very particular subject completely depends on how much one practice it. Solving math regularly is very important. Maths practice not only helps one to understand the topic much better but also helps one in figuring out all those areas where they have to give more concentration. A fruitful maths practice requires a student to diligently solve6th maths NCERT solutions but not just be limited to it. They need to try to answer more and more questions from other prescribed books so that they can build their confidence in any chapter.
  • Guides are the most useful study materials that students should have. With these guides, one can reach the answers to all the exercise questions that are available in the textbook. Well, one might wonder that answers are available in other sources as well but there is a difference in the NCERT solutions. Here one can get step-wise solutions to each and every problem of all the chapters one by one. So, one can learn how to solve a maths problem in detail.
  • There are quite a few times when a student is marked on internal assessments which are mostly based on projects and home assignments. If one can be regular with all the homework and projects, then they will never have to sacrifice their internal assessment marks. Regularity with Class 6 Maths homework can also keep a student updated with the chapters that the teacher is teaching in school. Homework also means more practice in maths, the more one practices, the better they get at it. With practice, they are also able to solve problems quite quickly.
  • If one faces any issues when it comes to solving a problem or understanding a chapter then they must be vocal about it. They must let their teachers know the issues and ask for further explanations.
  • Revision helps one to glance through all the chapters that they have completed before appearing for the final examination. The chapters that they have learned at the beginning of their academic session might have slipped from their mind and it is very important in that case to revise everything once again so that all formulas and steps to solve sums get back to one’s memory. Revision is also crucial in examinations because it helps one to rectify those topics on a priority that they found difficult to solve and make sure that they do not get stuck anymore. 

When preparing for examinations, one must make sure that one stays healthy and eats healthy all the way. They also need to get proper 8 hours of sleep at night so that their minds get complete rest.

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