Classrooms are designed to create an ideal learning environment for students. You can take notes, interact with your teachers, and focus on the lessons in general. But learning doesn’t have to end as you step out of this study environment. If you are motivated enough, there are several opportunities beyond classrooms to learn different subjects in your free time.

But how can you continue learning outside the classroom? Read on to find out!

7 Ways You Can Learn Outside the Classroom

Learning outside the classroom has to be fun and exciting so that you don’t feel exhausted from the monotony of your day. It also shouldn’t always be related to your academics. Activities that broaden your perspective and gain valuable life skills are also crucial for your overall growth. 

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Take Up a Reading Challenge

You always learn more when you’re reading books. But a reading challenge will amp up the fun and motivate you to stay consistent. You can either read supplementary material related to your major subject or learn something entirely new by choosing books from different genres. 

Two hours a day, one book a week, or ten books a month, you can decide your own terms. To keep yourself motivated, reward yourself with something you enjoy doing every time you reach a reading goal. 

If you have other friends who love reading, you can set up an informal book club to discuss your weekly progress. This will add to your learning experience as you gain new perspectives on the same reading materials. 

Attend Networking Events

Networking events are extremely rewarding in terms of knowledge and connections. Such events are attended by industry experts from various fields who would love to share their experiences. You can also meet many like-minded people and exchange information on subject areas that interest you. 

If you are new to networking events, know that they are immensely beneficial for your social skills. Whether it is talking to new people or addressing others with confidence, networking helps you build your personality and discover new opportunities. Platforms like DoMyEssay offer expert assignment writing services to students who love to explore the world outside their academics. So, you can take advantage of that and start building your network.

Listen to Podcasts

If you love to learn but have little time, then podcasts are just the thing for you. They are audio recordings usually created by experts to educate people on various topics, from health and well-being to science and literature. 

Podcasts are widely available on the Internet, and most of them are free. So, whether you are doing the dishes or waiting for the train, plug in your earphones, and you can continue to listen to your favorite podcasts. 

Well-known colleges, such as Harvard and Oxford University, also have their podcasts. These are created by university experts who maintain the same quality of teaching as they do in their classes. 

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Join Short Online Courses

Online courses have been catching up in recent years. Along with schooling, more students are opting for online skill-based courses. These courses are also flexible, which means you can complete them in your free time. You can learn anything, from meditation to coding, right from the comfort of your home.

Platforms such as Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, edX, and others offer various online courses, both free and paid. Reputed companies, like Google and Microsoft, and colleges like Harvard Business School and MIT, also develop some online courses for students. 

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Most of these courses contain video lectures followed by assignments, which can be accessed free of cost. You can also take a test and get certification for a small fee. 


Even though volunteering isn’t the conventional way to learn something new, it can teach you some much-needed life skills. Most volunteering positions acquaint you with real-life challenges, whether you work for environment protection or the welfare of the homeless. 

Volunteering teaches you leadership, time-management, and teamwork – crucial skills valued at every workplace. Moreover, several companies prefer candidates who have held a volunteering position as they have hands-on experience managing problems. 

Teach Other Students

Teaching others helps you develop a deeper understanding of a subject. Popularized by Feynman, this technique is widely accepted as one of the best methods to learn anything. If you want to sharpen a particular skill or improve your knowledge about your major subject, then teach other students from your class or children from a lower grade. 

You can also offer to tutor your neighbor’s kids, your friends, or even your siblings. Along with knowledge, it improves your presentation skills and helps you become more confident, all while studying your favorite subjects. 

Join Internships

Internships give you a glimpse of work-life without actually taking up a full-time position. They are ideal for students who have a couple of months of summer break or a few hours to spare after class every day. 

Besides, internships extend practical learning of the concepts from theory classes. This is an effective way to embed learning with experience, which also looks impressive on your resume. 

Moreover, companies offer online or hybrid internships, which means students don’t need to attend the office in person. With flexible work timings and stipends, internships have become a lucrative option for students to learn and earn at the same time. 


College subjects and classrooms teach you a lot about your curriculum. But most of the real-life learning happens outside classrooms. By committing your time to learn from different sources, you can build a strong personality with the right balance of knowledge and skills.

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