The key to running a successful eCommerce or other online business is to have a beautifully developed, user-friendly, and robust website. A website and relevant software can help you achieve the heights in business you never imagined.

The competition nowadays is very high. You cannot survive in the business world unless you keep your business ahead of your rivals. And the best way to keep a step forward is to promote your business through a website. 

The websites are no longer used to showcase your online presence and authenticity. You can now convert your audience into potential buyers by creating an easy to use & engaging website. So, if you want to thrive in the online world, all you need to do is to perfectly build websites & software to run your business smoothly!

Now the elephant in the room is to find a reliable software development company. With hundreds of options available in the market, it’s not easy to find the best match. In this blog, we researched and created a list of top software development companies to choose from. Let’s see the top players of 2022!

#1: Codup

Codup is an award-winning software development company. With over 12 years of experience, this full-service development agency is serving clients by developing custom software and web solutions to help them accelerate their business growth. They are well known for personalizing software & websites as per their customer needs. Do you want to set your digital footprint & automate tasks? Codup is what you’ve been looking for!

The team at Codup is skillful & rich in talent. With their expertise, the professionals can give wings to your imagination.

Therefore, Codup comes first on the list of top custom software development companies in 2022.

Here’s why Codup ranked top:

Valuable Advice                                     

At Codup, their team will give you valuable advice when project requirements become ambiguous.

Timely Delivery                                     

Another thing Codup excels at is its timely delivery of project milestones. They won’t keep you waiting for years to get your software ready.

Effective Communication                                     

The professionals at Codup are not lost in translation & time zones. You will experience fast and effective communication through the process.

#2: Spire Digital

Spire Digital is also a well-known software development company. The company transforms business by its design and technology in the market. The services Spire Digital provides are user experience design, strategic consulting, software development, DevOps, and staff augmentation to people all over the world.

#3: DockYard

DockYard scores third position in the list of software development companies in 2022. It is a known brand that is centered on providing the best communication while working together. The team at DockYard meets the requirements of their customer by providing software solutions, mobile application development, and website development services. The company is good at working on frameworks like PHP, WordPress, and others.

#4: MentorMate

MentorMate is a reliable software development company that creates small & large custom software development projects. You can get the best solutions from MentorMate with market competitive prices. So, if you want custom software development solutions, give MentorMate a ring. They will tailor your eCommerce business features into a fully furnished website.

#5: Inflexion

Inflexion comes fifth on the list of top software development companies in 2022. They work for all sizes of organizations and make exactly what their client demands. They make software responsive, fully featured, and customized according to the client’s needs.

At Inflexion, they develop mobile applications & web-based applications. So if you want your code neat and flawless, Inflexion may help you in this regard.

Benefits of Choosing a Good Software Development Company?

Helps Your Succeed

Hiring a software development company will make success easier for you. A good company would focus on your targets & goals and make the path easy for your business to become successful.

Allows You to Reach Your Goals Faster

A good software development company will listen to your mission and objectives. Their team will then start working on them to reach your goal soon. The professionals in this field will make you run to your goals. Thus, the chances of you achieving your goals in the given timeframe don’t seem that difficult.

Ongoing Support

The best software development team wouldn’t cut contacts & communication channels after the successful completion of a project. Instead, they will provide ongoing support to ensure the project is working fine & you too aren’t having any difficulties.

Such teams ensure that the people are able to track the business expenses and other things with relative ease.

They Get to Know Your Business

They invest their time and research to get to know your business in-depth. So they can make the software using the same but enhanced roots. 


Given the best options available on the market in this list, finding a suitable software development company has become a breeze. You can choose any of them according to your requirements and budget. Hope this blog helps you find the right choice for you and your online business’s betterment.

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