Facebook seeks to deliver relevant and engaging content to its users, which has led to a decline in organic reach. Some even say it is dead.

It presents a particular challenge for small businesses: Your budget for paid posts isn’t as big as those of big advertisers. Only about 1 out of 50 people already fans of your Facebook page will see a single post you make on parts of a Facebook ad business page. There is no longer a time when you could post and know that many, if not most, of your fans, would see it. Here are seven tips for finding the right audience and offering them content and experiences they will appreciate.

Double-check that your Facebook ad copy matches your visual.
Many smaller firms—and even larger organizations, particularly in the B2B space—don’t have a lot of graphics on hand. When it’s time to run an advertisement, there’s a mad rush to have an image attached.

This could result in a graphic that doesn’t match the words, giving Facebook users an unpleasant experience. They’ll question just what ad is trying to market if the copy and image don’t match. Your ad will then be wasted because they are unlikely to click. By taking a Facebook Ads course, you will learn what and how to promote your brand through Ad Campaigns and what all things are important.

1. Set Up Location Targeting

Facebook marketing for restaurants requires showing up in the right place. Make sure you’re only targeting customers who can visit your restaurant without having to travel. Make sure your ads target only your local zipcode. The content of your ads can apply to all of your restaurants if you have more than one location.

2. Identify Your Advertising Goals

You can create an ad that aligns with your company’s business objectives. You want your brand to be known to more people by increasing the likes on your page. Would you like to have people fill out a form to make a reservation? Would you like to promote your loyalty program by driving traffic to the membership page on your website?

3. Get to Know Your Current Customers

Facebook advertising strategies can be kicked off by aiming for quick wins. Custom audiences can upload a spreadsheet of email addresses so that ads are delivered to Facebook accounts associated with the list.

No email list yet? You can also target website visitors. To track actions on your ads and your site, you must embed a code called a Facebook Pixel on your site.

4. Expand Your Reach by Creating Lookalike Audiences

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on Facebook marketing for restaurants. Use Facebook to build a ‘lookalike audience’ of users similar to your typical guests. Using this method, you will be advertising to people you know are likely to dine with you. 

5. Targeted Interests

Target people who need online ordering options on Facebook, for example, and try restaurant promotion ideas such as this. Your ad copy emphasizes convenience and safety – two things this group is concerned with.

No matter what niche you target, carefully crafting your targeting and messaging is a good move. If you nail these elements in your restaurant Facebook ads, you can reduce your cost per click since the more visually appealing your ad is to your market, the more likely you’ll get clicks. These points may give people some clarity regarding the Google and Facebook ads.

6. Try Different Ad Formats

Advertising on Facebook isn’t something you set and forget. It is recommended that you must run at least two ads and monitor their performance frequently to see which resonates best with customers. In this case, you need to test different ads such as single images, video ads, and carousel ads.

7. Highlight Different Content Types

To determine which content types and calls to action perform best, you can split test them. Split testing involves creating several ad sets, testing them against each other, and monitoring your results.

One easy way to illustrate this is to use alternative imagery: a photo of a tantalizing menu item on one ad and a photo of your happy customers at another. Alternatively, test whether words such as “Call Now” or “Get Directions” are more effective than others.

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