Block puzzle games have been the favorite arcade game of most people since the advent of video games. It has intricate mind-boggling stages and immerses you in interactive gameplay for long hours. 

To get your app for the block puzzle game, head over to the app store and download the app that best suits your taste. You will have amazing fun in this section of online gaming and will most likely enjoy the time-strapped mad race to clear the board constantly.

Once you are on the app, you will understand that the rules of the Block Puzzle are the easiest. Let’s see the game’s goal below and how it is best played.

Goal of the Game

The aim of the block puzzle game is to clear the board as fast as possible for the new pieces to settle in and get maximum points on the scoreboard. The player can do this by arranging all the blocks he gets from the area right below the scoreboard in an order that they form sequences of horizontal and vertical lines. When the sequences are formed, a combo is activated that removes the set of blocks in the pattern. The faster the player can do this, the more points he can get on the scoreboard within a short time. The part where the time factor kicks in makes it difficult for the player to concentrate on the many different elements in the game, making it more challenging.

The game is very competitive and tests your ability to rank as a fierce contender and get high points on the scoreboard. This factor of the Block Puzzle makes it all the more interesting when you are enjoying it with your friends and family. It is a test of wit and foresight achieved through constant practice. Also, the game does not take you a long time to learn. The controls are the easiest for any handheld device and are quite easily the best way you can have fun on the go. Some block puzzle games have introduced the factor of newly styled graphics that give it more diversity and make the colors and game pop out and be more vibrant. This balance makes youngsters and adults enjoy the game on equal levels and have great entertainment playing it.

Now that the goal has been determined let’s head over to answer the frequent questions about the gameplay of Block Puzzle.

The Grid

The main playing area of the game is a 9×9 grid on which you have to place all the pieces that you randomly get in the space provided below the main section. The shapes come in various sizes, and sometimes it gets quite nerve-wracking to provide a space for every one of them. All pieces are different and only recur sometimes, which can take you by surprise. The grid has 81 squares, so the player has to mentally calculate how to set up his pieces so that he never runs out of space to place a new piece in case his combos are developed mid-game. Understanding the grid is the most important part of the game. The players who can do so can master the game quickly and score more points than their rivals.

Time Factor 

For all block puzzle games, time is the most crucial factor that involves what score you bring to the table. One minute and thirty seconds is the usual time given to players, and within that period, they have to make a score that ranks higher than their opponent. The time is less, and players have to be very quick footed with their decisions. It is wise to start the game in a rush but keep your deductive radar always on. Try to get as many blocks as you can and the maximum combos before 1 minute get over, and then in the rest of the 30 seconds, you can try freestyling if the pieces are not coming as you might have expected them to. At the end of the period, when you are stuck with only 10 seconds in hand, the timer begins to beep, alerting you to swiftly make the best possible moves. It would help if you tried to get as many blocks as possible and fill-up the grid quickly at this stage. In that manner, your chances of increasing your overall score are more. 

Block Arrangement

You get a lot of blocks in different shapes and sizes in the game. To place them successfully and score high, the player has to think of innovative ways. The gameplay often leads to players getting their game over quickly because they have mismanaged their blocks early on. The game depends on arranging the many blocks horizontally and vertically. After that is done, the row or column vanishes and awards a bonus. The more bonuses you get from these arrangements, the higher your score. To properly play the game, players should arrange blocks from the corner. This helps get a good amount of space in the middle to place the difficult blocks that are more irregular in shape.

In Conclusion

The above aspects constitute the gamut of block puzzle games. The simplicity of these types of games makes them popular and easy to play. All players should be involved in block puzzle gaming when they have nothing lucrative to do. The added advantage of playing this game is it reorients your personality and surprisingly makes you more organized and punctual in real life. In this blog, you will see that the goal and gameplay are quite easy, and you will get immediately hooked once you are familiar with the ropes.

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