Education is a process of receiving and giving systemic instructions to learn and acquire information. It is a process of learning from basics towards advanced. The term “basic” means the knowledge to read and write, and advanced means the knowledge to enlighten our minds. It trains human beings on both of these levels.

It is the root for the development of a society. As society is formed through the collaboration and interaction of individuals, education is required to shape it correctly. It gives a basic universal set of information that helps individuals behave like a unit and perform particular tasks. Let’s see how it helps us in serving our society.

1. Technology

Technology is a blessing of scientific education for mankind. It is the knowledge that is used to make a way of life. The more complex it is, the more able the people are to shape the world for themselves. It develops new societies and links them on a global level. It allows people to share popular trends. The most important forms of technology are social media, mobile phones, the internet, vehicles, computers and healthcare tools, etc. Nowadays, healthcare technology is at the top due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has helped scientists and researchers find its cause and prepare a vaccine against it. It includes any kind of IT tools and software that help in the administration of the disease. Some universities also offer online courses in this field for healthcare students, such as a Master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics.

2. Personality Development

Education plays an important role in an individual’s personality development in society. It teaches them how to organize their thoughts and emotions by means of instructions to create an outlook on the whole world. It makes them more civilized and gives them a true view of their place in society. It improves and strengthens their interactions with other individuals. It is indeed a process of self-formation and self-determination on an individual level. An individual is the unit of society. So when an individual gets educated, it affects the whole society. 

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3. Moral Reasoning

Human beings have moral sense in their instincts. They are the only creatures that are blessed with this ability. It is a law of nature. But man can choose whether he wants to obey it or not. The education enables him to respond positively towards it by setting a standard behavior. A standard behavior tells each person of society the difference between right and wrong deeds. Without education, people cannot understand this difference, and they choose the wrong way, which leads them to social crimes. Such positive attitudes of individuals are necessary for the creation of a crime-free society. 

4. Scientific Knowledge

Nowadays education system is entirely based upon a scientific way of study. It is the most superior form of education that uses logic, reasoning, and experimental evidence. And that can produce high mental power and profound intellectual interest. It helps individuals see the world objectively and connects them with different societies by developing universal thoughts. These universal ideas enable members of a society to work together and perform particular tasks. 

5. Literacy Knowledge

Education provides the basic knowledge of reading and writing that is required for a person to act and respond in society. This knowledge is provided at the school level and is demanded by every person in society so that they can better understand their surroundings and can communicate with other people easily. It enables them to participate in social work and find their place in society.

6. Language Skills

Language is the most important tool for social integration. It is a way to transmit culture. It helps people to understand how do they think and act and what they have? Its basic learning is provided through education in schools. In which each student must learn their national language. The international language is also taught all over the world. It helps people to communicate and strengthen their relationships on an international level. In a nutshell, a society can never be formed without an understanding of language.

7. Job Skills

Education can also help people to get jobs for a secure future. It helps them to bring out their hidden skills and provides them an environment for learning such as people can learn specific types of skills in schools, colleges, and universities. In fact, in most countries of the world, the main aim of education is to get jobs with high income so that a person can find a better place in society and play their role effectively.

8. Cultural Norms and Values

Education enlarges the scope and range of basic human instincts such as our habits, desires, and thoughts and teaches us how to control them to behave in a society. It sets standards for how we should behave. Such standards give rise to cultural norms and values that every person should follow to organize their society. These are the ways of thinking and acting that shape our goals in life, our sense of justice, and our innermost feelings. Every society has its specific norms and values depending upon its race, culture, geography, and religion. Individuals of a society must have to follow it for the sustainability of their society.

9. Nurture Curiosity

Education, especially scientific education, develops a desire in individuals to seek the reality of life. It prompts thinking and a sense of responsibility in them that leads towards the formation of new ideas, discoveries, and inventions. It fertile our minds and makes us enlighten and broadminded, promising a bright and better future for the society.

Education is the basic tool for the formation, organization, maintenance, and development of a society. It not only serves society through the personal development of an individual but also serves it on a broad level by providing different skills, techniques and values. It gives humanity a universal idea about the existence of life that helps them to behave like a unit and develop into a society. Indeed it is the key to the development of a society.

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