In small businesses, a wireless card is required. The bandwidth is quite high, which also gives rise to the situation in which you can connect with other devices also. Now the Wi-Fi connection connected to a specific computer is set as a server of the proxy, and it will apply to all the devices. All of this is possible if you go for an option called ICS which is very common for Windows 7. 

Step to Step Guide You Need to Know About:

Let’s look at how we can make the computer work as a proxy server for all the devices. This way, the computer will work as an easy pathway between the Wi-Fi connection and devices. 

  • You have to open the start menu, where you will see an option of Control Panel. You should directly click on it to open it conveniently. 
  • After you open the control panel, you will see an icon named ” Network and Internet.” this will help you navigate the connection towards any type of internet connection. 
  • The link Network and sharing center should be clicked to turn on all the setting options. 
  • There will be a whole option menu to look for the change adaptor setting option. It will take you to the page where you will view all the networks and connections made to the device. 
  • On the screen, there will be an option for Wi-Fi. We were looking for it, and you can fix the changes by clicking on the properties on the Wi-Fi connection. The properties can be opened if you click on the Wi-Fi option, or it can also be present in the context menu.
  • Within your properties options on the top of the tab, you will see the option of sharing. You have to switch to the sharing option to start sharing it with other devices connected to the computer, which is set as a proxy server with a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • It is the place where you will allow other users to use the internet connection. Once you checkmark, it will be enabled, and all the devices will use the internet connection. 
  • You also have to make sure that even if you are not using your computer or the computer set as a proxy server is not in use or online. The other computers can still use the internet connection without any difficulty. It is possible if you check to mark the “Establish a dial-up connection”.
  • Once you are in this setting, you have to checkmark the option or simply click on the option of OK to make the computer act as a proxy server or a pathway between the Wi-Fi connection and the devices using the Wi-Fi. 

After making all the changes, you should exit the control panel as you are all set to use the computer as a proxy server.

How Can You See and Work with Different Workgroups on Any Kind of Network? 

If you are running a large business or have enough stuff to take care of, you will be using many computers. 

This way, you can choose specific groups to use a specific computer. As an owner, you will have to get connected to all the groups to make them understand the work and be aware of what they are doing. You can easily do it if you enable this option on your Windows 7. 

  • You have to open the control panel by simply clicking on the option of the control panel. You can easily find it on the start menu. 
  • After that, you should click on the network and sharing center to open it. 
  • The network and sharing center option should be clicked to take you to the desired page. 
  • You have to change the advanced setting options. 
  • You have to turn on the network discovery and also have to save the changes. 

You should enable to view all the computers and connections in the option of network and sharing. 

How Can You Deactivate the Server of Proxy?

You can easily deactivate any kind of proxy server used on a specific computer. However, you have to make changes to your windows. 

  • The gear icon present in internet explorer should be clicked.
  • On the internet option, all you need to do is to click on the connections. 
  • There will be LAN setting that you have to open. 
  • It is recommended to uncheck the option that says use the server as a proxy (like Japanese proxies) for your internet connection. 

When you click ok on it, the server will be deactivated. 

How Can You Enable HP Presario Wireless? 

You can connect Presario to any kind of connection by making some changes to your computer. You have to make changes in your windows setting. 

  • You have to enable the wireless antenna, which is enabled by sliding the Wi-Fi switch. 
  • You should go to the change adapter setting, which is located in the control panel.
  • You also have to check and enable the change wireless connections to connect it. 

How Can You Clean Up Internet Connections? 

Sometimes if a specific group stops working with your business, you have to delete it. You can easily do it by making some changes to your computer. 

  • First of all, open the control panel and open the network and sharing option.
  • You have to change the adaptor setting and delete the specific device from the menu. 
  • You should click yes to confirm removing it.

How Can You Bypass the Connection of the Wireless Network Adaptor? 

You can bypass any kind of wireless network adaptor by making some changes. It can be opened by going into the control panel and changing the adaptor setting. You should disable the internet connection to bypass it. 

Wi-Fi Connection for Time Warner Cable 

Time Warner is best for providing modems to homes and businesses. You can easily set it up by opening the router and plugging it in. You should connect it with the ethernet of the router. You should connect the other end to the internet option and enable it to work.

Final Remarks:

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