Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps. It is so enormously used now that it has even sometimes taken over Facebook. Even so, there are certain limitations on it that might dishearten a user. Limitations like viewing full-size profile pictures of a user, not being able to view someone’s story without having an account, and so on. But for our readers, these are not the concerns they should be apprehensive about. Picuki is a free online Instagram viewer that helps you with all such aspects.

With the Picuki web-viewer and Picuki app, you can view someone’s story anonymously without revealing your account’s username, you can even download pictures and videos from Picuki, and so much more. Yeah, yeah we understand that now you are excited to know all about this extraordinary tool, so without further due, let’s get started. 

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online Instagram viewer, it lets you browse through all the content without having to actually log in to Instagram. In fact, with Picuki, you won’t be asked for an account. You can simply use it without one. So if you are in the mood for stalking someone, here’s your chance. Picuki lets you stalk any account on Instagram for an infinite period without any interruption. 

On the Instagram app, you first need an account and after that only you’ll be able to browse through the feed, but this is not the case with Picuki. When you view someone’s story on Instagram, your account’s name will be visible to them on their viewer’s list. But if you don’t want to reveal that, Picuki is the one that can save you. 

Now you must be pondering over this one thought: what is it that makes Picuki different from the Instagram app and lets us do all the stuff that we can’t do on Instagram? Let’s find out. 

How is Picuki Different from Instagram?

Picuki might work like the Instagram app, but there are some significant differences between them. And the major one is Instagram, a social networking site that lets you connect with your friends and family, share pictures, and much more.

Picuki on the other hand is an Instagram web viewer that allows you to view Instagram content through API’s aid. Well, there are numerous other differences between Picuki and Instagram, and to comprehend them in a better way we have listed them all below. 

Difference Between Instagram and Picuki

Basis of Differences Instagram Picuki 
Connecting with peopleIt lets you connect with people by following their accounts. It doesn’t let you send follow requests to anyone, you can just view someone’s account or stories. 
Profile picture and reelsYou can neither download the profile picture nor the reels. With this Insta profile viewer, you can download the profile picture and reels with just one click. 
Chatting It lets you chat and even make a call to your friends. You can’t chat with anyone here. 
Deleting content You have the freedom to delete, add, or remove any content from your account on Instagram. Here, you cannot add or remove any content from Instagram with Picuki. 
Editing content Here, you can only change filters or adjust the brightness of your content.You are served with some amazing and cool features to edit your content with Picuki. 

How Does Picuki Work?

Using Picuki is quite easy and straightforward. It is like a search engine for Instagram. There are two ways to use Picuki Instagram Viewer-

  • With account search
  • With hashtag search 

With Account Search 

Here are the steps to use Picuki sign the account search option:

  • Launch your web browser and visit the Picuki website. 
  • Right on the homepage of the website, you will see a search bar.
  • Click on it and type the name of any Instagram user’s account that you want to stalk. 
Type the Instagram account name 
  • You’ll have a list of accounts with the name.
  • Click on the one that you were looking for, and the account will open. 

With Hashtag Search

Follow the below-given steps to view someone’s Instagram account with hashtag search:

  • Visit the Picuki website from your web browser.
  • On the appeared search bar, type the hashtag that you have been meaning to stalk. 
Type the Instagram hashtag
  • The hashtag list will appear.
  • Simply click on the most related one

So these were the two ways in which Picuki Instagram viewer works. Let’s now hop on to apprehending how it can be used for various purposes. 

How to Use Picuki for Multifarious Purposes?

There are many aspects for which you can use Picuki and each of them comes with its own methods. Let’s start with learning them all one by one.

How to View an Instagram Story Without an Account?

With Picuki Instagram viewer, you don’t need to have an account on Instagram to scroll through someone else’s account. All you have to do is visit the Picuki website, enter the anime of your Instagram account that you want to stalk, and click on it. 

How to View Someone’s Stories Anonymously?

Usually, when you view someone’s story on Instagram, the person can see your username on their viewer’s list. But with Picuki, you can do the same without letting them know.

Simply visit the Picuki website and on the search bar, type the username of the person whose account and stories you want to view. And just by that, you will be able to view their stories anonymously, without letting them by revealing your username. 

How to Download Pictures from Picuki?

On Picuki, you get features that you cannot get on the Instagram app. Instagram only allows you to view the profile picture and that too in a very small size, but with Picuki, you can download anyone’s profile picture and view it in full size. 

All you have to do is visit the account whose profile picture you want to download from Picuki, and simply click on the download option. 

How to Edit Pictures and Videos?

Picuki gives you multiple options to edit your pictures and videos. With its enhanced features, you can make your content much more attractive. With Picuki, you can change filters, manage the background, and perform several other changes. 

Whereas Instagram offers limited changes, you can only change filters on your photos and videos here. 

What Makes Picuki Exceptional?

Well, we have already given you numerous reasons that state the exceptional attributes offered by Picuki. But still, just to be crystal clear, here’s a list of some features of Picuki that makes it exceptional:

  • Edit Instagram posts and make them even more attractive.
  • No subscription fee or costs to view someone’s account. 
  • Quick and easy methods of searching for trendy Instagram hashtags and accounts. 
  • No need to already have an account on the app to stalk someone or view their story. 
  • Get to download anyone’s Instagram profile picture and view it on full screen. 
  • Totally safe and secure means for stalking. 
  • Easily copy and paste captions, even the long ones. 

Even after all these incredible and exceptional features, there are certain aspects that even Picuki Instagram viewer limits you from performing. Let’s find out what those are. 

What Does Picuki Can’t Assist You With?

Despite its unique features that even the Instagram app can’t help you with, there are still some aspects that can’t be fulfilled through Picuki Instagram viewer. Let’s have a look:

  • You cannot post pictures or videos through it, for that, you will have to use your Instagram app only. 
  • You can edit posts here but not the ones that contain more than one picture or video. 
  • It doesn’t allow you to comment on anyone’s post, all you can do is view their posts or stories. 
  • Just like posting a post, you can’t post a story either. 
  • With Picuki, you cannot text someone or make a call. 
  • Picuki is only limited to Instagram, and hence, you cannot use it for any other app like Facebook or Snapchat. 

Apart from these aspects, there’s one more that might be in your way of sneaking on someone’s Instagram. That is when the Picuki Instagram viewer won’t work. Let’s dig out the reason behind it. 

Why is Picuki Not Working?

It often happens that you were eagerly looking for sneaking on someone’s Instagram, and then you find out that the tool you use isn’t working. And now you are just left with the thought that why is Picuki not working?

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as this is quite common with Picuki, and the regular users of this tool are well aware of this happening. This happens due to some minor glitches with the website. 

Another reason is the server, there might be times when the website’s server is down. But again, there’s nothing to be worried about or panicking over, just wait for a little while, and it’ll start working normally again. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about Picuki Instagram viewer:

Ans: No, Picuki is just an online website, it doesn’t have a mobile app. There’s no such application available on Google Play Store or the App Store.
Ans: Yes, it is totally safe and legal to use Picuki as it’s an authorized website.
Ans: Yes, the tool is completely free. You don’t need to pay for any signup costs or subscriptions to get access to all of its distinctive features.
Ans: No, Picuki only lets you get access to the content from the public account. You cannot view the stories or posts that are posted from a private account.
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