“Power corrupts People, Suspect anyone who aspires for it.”

Who has lived in India and not heard of Mirzapur, the suspense and crime web series based in the lawless city of Mirzapur? In the Indian subcontinent, this action-packed crime thriller skyrocketed to be one of the most-watched things that ever aired on OTTs. But how did it turn out like this? How did a series based in Indian suburbs become everyone’s favorite? How come you now see the posters with the faces of actors you might have never heard of before? 

Is Mirzapur that good? Is it worth the hype? Are you missing out on a fantastic set of thrilling webisodes? Watching it is probably the best way to find out. 

  • First Episode: On 16 November 2018
  • Director: Karan Anshuman
  • Available in Hindi and English languages
  • Rating

8.5/10 · IMDb

93% of Google users liked Mirzapur. 

Cast and Characters

Ali FazalGuddu Pandit
Vikrant MasseyBablu Pandit
Pankaj TripathiKaleen Bhaiya
DivyennduMunna Bhaiya
Rasika DugalMeena Tripathi
Shweta Tripathi SharmaGolu Gupta
Shriya PilgaonkarSweety Gupta

Plot ( No Spoilers though)

A war of ambitions and power that threatens the fabric of an anarchic city, Mirzapur is a tale of a proverbial ruler, his greedy son, a lawyer, and his two sons. They are the pillars that support the roof of a raging war until it crumbles down and crushes everyone beneath it. 

Akhandanand Tripathi, commonly called Kaleen Bhaiya throughout the series, is the mafia of the city. He is an insanely rich carpet exporter who manufactures guns in disguise. His son, Munna Tripathi, is an unworthy power-hungry man who would do anything to inherit his father’s empire. The foolish son crosses paths with a powerful lawyer, Ramakant Pandit, and his two sons, Vikrant Massey and Ali Fazal, and this is how the fight for the empire begins. Everyone gets lured into this quest for dominance only to later be destroyed by it.

Know the Characters of Mirzapur Season 1

  1. Akhandanand Tripathi( aka Kaleen Bhaiya)
Kaleen Bhaiya Mirzapur

The don and a millionaire carpet exporter of Mirzapur city, Kaleen Bhaiya is the most powerful person in the area at the beginning of the web series. Mirzapur is the tale of his rule and how the selfish actions of his son set off a chain of events that threaten the throne and the life of Kaleen Bhaiya.

  1. Phoolchand Tripathi( Munna Bhaiya)
Munna Tripathi Mirzapur

Power is not craved but deserved but Munna Tripathi seldom knows this fact. He conspires to inherit his father’s empire and grows insecure when Kaleen Bhaiya gives the two sons of Ramakant Pandit important responsibilities in the city. Things get worse when Guddu pandit marries the love interest of Munna Tripathi. The latter plot lies to get his father’s permission to kill Guddu Pandit and his brother. The most hated character of the tale, Munna Pandit even plots to kill his father to get a monopoly on the rule.

  1. Guddu Pandit
Guddu Pandit Mirzapur

Probably the most courageous character of the story, Guddu Pandit is one of the lead characters of Mirzapur. Munna’s rivalry against Guddu and the murder of the latter’s brother and wife sweep Guddu Pandit into the bloodshed that he never signed up for. He shall avenge the death of his beloved and put the unrelinquished Munna Tripathi into ruins.

  1. Bablu Pandit
Bablu Pandit

A businessman from instincts, Bablu starts working for Kaleen Bhaiya when the mafia gives Bablu and his brother the responsibility to grow the gun business in Mirzapur. He works alongside his brother and spikes up the sale of guns in the city.

  1. Bina Tripathi
Bina Tripathi Mirzapur

Bina Tripathi is the wife of Kaleen Bhaiya. She is quite young and Tripathi fails to satisfy her in the bed continuously. She cheats on Tripathi with their servant Raju.

  1. Sweety Gupta
Sweety Gupta Mirzapur

Sweety Gupta is the love interest of Munna Tripathi, but she doesn’t like him. She repeatedly rejects him when he asks her out many times. Munna, Bablu, Guddu, and Sweety study in the same college. Sweety is a strong-headed young woman who stands up for the right thing and is not afraid to speak her mind out. 

  1. Golu Gupta
Golu Gupta Mirzapur

Golu Gupta is the younger sister of Sweety Gupta. She is asked to stand for the election against Munna Bhaiya, to stop Munna’s dominance in college politics. Golu wins the election later. Golu always tells Sweety to not be in a relationship with Munna and she ships Sweety and Guddu. 

Mirzapur Seasons 1 All Episodes 

The first season introduces and develops the characters and we get to know about their unique personality. The lawless city portrayed in the web series is not an everyday sight and the beginning episodes have a crucial role. In the first half of the season, we get a look into the families and become familiar with what is happening in the households of the leading families. 

There is a lot more happening in the houses of the rogue city than what meets the eyes. Everyone has secrets from the person they live with, the secrets that threaten to destroy their lives.

The story starts with Tripathi’s carpet empire, his sole reign over the city that is more afraid of Kaleen Bhaiya than the Police or the government themselves. We get to see the unworthy acts of Munna and get a glimpse of his irresponsible self. The Pandit sons come into the picture, the hard-working intelligent duo who start working for Tripathi, the mafia of the city. The story progresses to see Munna’s growing jealousy and his fear of losing his inheritance to the throne.

He ends up losing a lot more but so does everyone. The story takes a twist at the end of the last season and it ends up with a bloodbath and a cliffhanger. 

All Episodes

There are 9 episodes in season 1. Every episode has a title that is related to the storyline and what happens in the respective episode.

Episode 1Jhandu
Episode 2Gooda
Episode 3Wafadar
Episode 4Virginity
Episode 5Bhaukaal
Episode 6Barfi Barrageari
Episode 7Lions of Mirzapur
Episode 8Tandav
Episode 9Yogya

Where to Watch Mirzapur?

Mirzapur has been in demand since the day it aired and the people have loved it like crazy. The web series is available only on Amazon Prime Video which means you need a Prime subscription to watch it. 

However, many pirate websites have taken to providing the content for free. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to watch the complete seasons on the web. We do not promote piracy though, as it is a crime and violates the copyrights. It is always advised to pay for something you enjoy.

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial

There is a piece of good news for the new amazon users. If you have not tried prime yet, you get a free trial period of 30 days when you first start using prime. The trial doesn’t cost you a penny and you can cancel before 30 days if you would like to cancel your subscription. After 30 days, you are monthly charged the amount according to your plan through auto-debit. You can cancel that whenever you want to.

You could use this opportunity to enjoy some good web series and movies on Amazon Prime Video and check out Amazon Shopping and Music. If you start to like Amazon, you can pay for a Prime subscription and enjoy the benefits longer.

You can watch all episodes of Mirzapur from the first and second seasons on Amazon Prime Video. If you are not a Prime user yet, you will need a Prime subscription as there is no other option to watch it legally. There are websites though that provide the content quality for free without the consent of the copyright holders which is piracy, a legally punishable crime.

Mirzapur Watch Season 1 All Episodes on Amazon Prime Video

Mirzapur season 1

Click here.

Where Can You Download Mirzapur?

Prime Video also lets you download shows and movies to watch offline. You can download  Mirzapur season 1 on Amazon Prime Video if you have a Prime Membership. If you are not a Prime member, start your free trial today.

Where to Watch and Download Mirzapur All Seasons for free?

We advise you to use Amazon Prime Video as it is the only legal way to watch Mirzapur. However, some proxy privates provide Mirzapur season 1 on their websites for absolutely free. While some of such websites are easy to use, others have a lot of ads and pop-ups. The content on proxy websites mostly has a good picture quality though they are not distributed with the consent of copyright holders.

Here, you can find a list of websites to download and watch all the seasons of Mirzapur for free.


Piracy is a crime and punishable by the law. Proxy websites serve leaked contents without the consent of the copyright holder. This is the infringement of the existing copyright and the law protects against such violation. Depending on the country, indulging in piracy can cost you a fine or a sentence to prison. The details provided above are only for informative purposes and we do not support or promote piracy. It is always advised to use legal sources to download or stream something. 

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