“It was good while it lasted”

-From the diary of a cranky Torrentz2 fan.

Torrent websites have ruled the internet ever since the first torrenting platform went online almost 2 decades ago. People from different parts of the globe used to access a wide range of torrent sites to download the content of their choice for free. 

Some of the most popular torrenting platforms on the internet included the likes of Pirate Bay, YTS, Internet Archive, extra torrentz2, etc. reigned over the internet as millions of people accessed these websites on a daily basis. 

While these sites were ruling the internet, another torrenting platform was emerging from the shadows like a phoenix. Torrentz2, the torrenting giant, came online in the year 2003 and with time, it became one of the best torrenting websites to ever exist.

The website offers tons of great features and allows users to browse from more than 80 popular torrent sites. The site had so much success in a short span that it was named “the Google of torrents” by users.

But the strong feeling of animosity from government agencies followed soon after. The site managed to hide from the agencies for a while up until 2016 when the website was finally taken down.

But there was still hope for the fans as, just after the shut down of the parent platform, a clone of torrentz2 came online which was developed by none other than the fans of the site.

Thankfully for the fans, that clone is still up and running, although it has been banned in plenty of regions all over the globe by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) due to security reasons.

This is where the proxy websites of this site came into play, but such sites also had their downsides.

If you are still in awe of the platform and want to get your hands on the content that it offers, stay tuned as today’s blog will shed light on some of the most popular proxy sites of this torrenting wonder along with top alternatives of torrentz2, in case you want to explore other options. 

But before you proceed any further, let us get to know what a proxy site is and how it works. 

Disclaimer: The objective of the information mentioned in this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the torrenting website. we do not, in any way, promote or support the use of such websites that offer the distribution of copyrighted content and it is advised for you to steer clear of such sites unless you want to end up in legal trouble. 

What is a proxy site and how does it work? 

In general terms, a proxy site acts as an intermediate between your device and the website that you are trying to access. As soon as you connect to a proxy site, your internet traffic gets routed through an additional server before reaching the destination. 

This, in turn, ensures that your identity remains concealed as the website that you are trying to access will be unable to know your real IP address. 

Proxy sites of Torrentz2 (working in 2021)

Given below is a list of some of the most popular proxy sites of Torrentz2 that can be accessed to unblock the site if it is banned in your region due to security reasons. 

These are some of the best proxy sites of Torrentz that can be used to unblock Torrentz2 in case it is banned in your region.

The proxy sites of Torrentz2 given in this list have the same index, data, and content as all of it is directly taken from the official domains of Torrentz2 and all of this is managed by the staff of Torrentz2 to make sure that users have access to the site even if it is banned in their region. 

All such proxy sites of the original domain Torrentz2.eu are updated multiple times a day to keep up with the parent site to offer the latest content. 

But what if proxy sites do not get the job done?

What to do if proxy sites don’t work?

Any blocked platform is accessible with the use of a proxy site. Although proxy sites do not ensure the protection of your data and privacy. Apart from this, modern-day firewalls can detect such proxy and mirror sites. 

This is why users need something more efficient. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help users to access blocked sites safely. A VPN simply routes all of your internet traffic through a virtual IP address, which further makes it impossible for the internet service provider to know what platform or application you are accessing. 

Not only that, but a VPN also encrypts your data, making sure that you can have a great user experience while being cent percent safe. 

Unblock Torrentz2 with the use of a VPN

Users can follow the simple steps mentioned below to unblock the site of torrentz2 with relative ease.

  • First off, you will need to download and install a suitable VPN on your computer.
  • After doing so, enable the VPN and use any of the afore-mentioned proxy/mirror sites of Torrentz.
  • This, in turn, will take you to the main page of Torrentz2 from where you can browse the torrents of your choice for free. 

These steps can come in handy for the users who are looking to access the blocked platform of Torrentz2 in their region. 

If for some reason, you feel like unblocking the site is too much of an effort or if the website is not your cup of tea, below are some of the best alternatives of Torrentz2 that offer similar services and are easy to access as well. 

So, without further adieu, let us begin. 

Top 10 Popular Alternatives of Torrentz2

1. The Pirate Bay

This goes without saying that Pirate Bay is arguably the most popular and famous torrenting website to ever exist. Commonly known as TPB, the platform comes in at number 1 on our list. The reign of this site started when it overtook Kickass torrents to become the most popular torrenting site on the planet. 

The website comes with a pretty impressive user interface which makes it easier for the users to search for the content of their choice. The torrent index of this site offers a wide range of categories including music, software, books, movies, etc. 

The best part about this site is that users can find torrents with good seeds instantly, meaning that users get higher downloading speeds easily. Users are advised to access the platform with the use of a VPN in case the site is blocked in your region. 

2. YTS

If you are a movie buff, you are meant to access this platform someday. The torrenting website of YTS has shifted to a new domain. Ever since the parent website of YTS was taken down a couple of years ago, the popularity of this platform seemed to have decreased a bit. 

But don’t let that fool you as the site still hosts a great collection of high-quality torrents. The home page only has a search feature. It is quite popular among users due to its ingenious and attractive layout that can give any site in the market a run for its money. 

Users of this site also get the option of giving feedback and requesting specific content from the operators of the site. Users simply need to create an account on this site and they are good to go. The site has an Alexa ranking of 371.

3. 1337x.to

If looks decided which site was the best, 1337x would have become the undisputed king of torrenting websites. The platform has a neat design and content is available in a categorized manner, be it the homepage or the index page. 

The platform is widely popular and offers great quality torrents from a wide range of different categories. Apart from this, the site also has a trending section that lists all the popular torrents of the day and the week. 

It also has a top 100 torrents list for every section so the users can find good torrents with relative ease to download the content of their choice. 

4. RARBG.to

Number 4 may come off as an old-fashioned platform, but make no mistake as it is pretty efficient in its services. RARBG has always offered great quality torrents with leechers to the users. Although with time, users have made peace with the wave of advertisements that comes up as soon as a user clicks on a link on this platform. 

The stats may not tell you the whole story, but the platform is still among one of the best torrent platforms across the globe. Apart from the normal torrent categories such as movies, music, software, games, etc., the platform also has a separate section for trailers of TV shows and movies. 

People who access such sites usually are not there to watch trailers but it sure helps the user in choosing what they want to watch, especially if the user is a newbie. The top 10 list section available on this site can help a user to decide what to watch by giving them an idea about what other people are downloading from the platform. 

5. Limetorrents.info

As we are halfway down the line, the website of Lime Torrents comes in at number 5. The website has featured in almost every major torrent list. It offers tons of torrent links from a wide range of categories such as TV shows, movies, games, applications, and anime. 

The thing that makes this site consistent is the easy availability of healthy torrents as the content gets uploaded here on a regular basis. It even offers a separate page where an updated list of top 100 trending torrents along with the latest torrents that are uploaded on this site. 

To top it all, users also get the option of creating accounts here as that way users can upload torrents, give feedback, bookmark torrents, and exchange messages with other users, etc. 

6. Kickass Torrents

At first, many thought of it as just a mere replacement to the infamous KAT, but the site is on its way to becoming one of the most popular torrent sites in the year 2021. This mirror site of KAT has quickly risen through the ranks and is pretty popular among users. 

The major reason behind it being that the mirror site has everything that the parent site had, from the user interface to the layout and the options available. Users get the option of exploring through different sections such as the torrent catalog, most popular torrents, and top torrents right at the homepage. 

All these sections are accompanied by a tag cloud that tells users about the common searches made on the site. The site also offers magnet links. 

What makes the platform even more impressive is the high number of seeds and leechers available that allow users to download torrents faster without any issues. 

7. Torrent Galaxy

Are you on the lookout for something new in the torrenting world? We have got you covered. The website comes with an olive-green-themed user interface that has been planned to perfection. All of the torrents available here are neatly arranged and categorized along with all the information about them that a user would need. 

It comes with a built-in search feature which makes it easy for the users to find the content of their choice in an instant. The site may seem a bit cluttered due to the wide range of content on display. 

Users also get the option of creating an account on this website. This way users get to save their favorite torrents. There is also a comment section where users can discuss torrents and other things.


In at number 8 is EZTV. Many of you may know this as the site that rolled with the giants such as YTS and Pirate Bay. With time, the domain of this site has managed to remain under the top 1000 websites on Alexa. 

The website is generally accessed by users who are looking to download TV shows torrents. In fact, the site of EZTV offers only this category in terms of the content available on this torrenting platform. 

Coming to the look of the site, it doesn’t have much when it comes to the layout and the homepage only has torrent links with other basic information, both of which are mentioned in a table form. Lastly, users can create an account here to mark the torrents of their choice as favorites. 

9. Zooqle

As we are nearing the end, the 9th inclusion on our list is Zooqle. Although it is a new name in the torrenting world, the site has quickly risen through the ranks. The reason behind this is the rapidly increasing number of torrents on this site. 

Thanks to the clean user interface of this site, users get the option of navigating through the different sections of the site with relative ease. To top it all, there are no ads, which makes the user experience that much better. 

The majority of the content available here includes TV shows and movies, but the platform also hosts torrents related to other things such as music, games, applications, etc. for different operating platforms. 

10. MagnetDL

With an Alexa ranking of 6941, MagnetDL comes in at the end of the line. The website is particularly new to the torrent ecosystem, yet it managed to slip into our list, clinching the 10th and final spot. The user interface may seem like the site is no good, but do not let that fool you. 

The platform is as functional and efficient as any other on this list. Talking about the homepage, a white-colored theme that has a search bar at the top along with several torrent categories. Users can find the torrents easily, courtesy of the developers who made sure that the categorization of the content remains perfect. 

Users also can read about the given content, making it easy for them to choose which torrent to download. All in all, the website is a good place to download torrents with the potential to reach the top of the pile. 

And there you have it! These are some of the best alternatives to the popular platform of Torrentz2. 


It is no secret that torrent platforms have made it easier for users to download the content of their choice without much fuss for quite a while now. There are tons of torrenting platforms and proxy sites that allow users to access content even if the platform is banned in a specific region. 

Users can choose from any of the afore-mentioned proxy sites to access the beloved platform of Torrentz2. If not this, you also get the option of choosing from the alternatives that are available in the blog. We hope that this blog has all the answers that you were looking for. 

Up until next time!

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