Disclaimer: The information given on this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the basic nature of Extratorrent and also about the alternatives that a user can access to download the torrents of his choice. We do not in any way promote or encourage the use of websites that promote piracy and accessing these websites can get you in some serious trouble.

Torrenting has been popular for quite a long time now. People from different regions of the world upload and download torrents all the time. Not only does it save people a lot of money but also gives them the solidarity that they love.

One of the most popular websites in the torrenting world, the Extratorrent website has had millions of users from different regions of the globe.

The website was initially launched way back in 2006 and since then, has been home to millions of users who want to download free movies among other things from Extratorrent. Not only that, the website has some of the best features and filters that make the users feel captivated.

Overview of ExtraTorrent Search Engine

ExtraTorrents is known to be the search engine that allows you to download content at very high speed and high quality. Also, all the latest movies, shows, and TV series are freely available on the search engine. 

ET aka ExtraTorrent was first introduced as a search engine with a vast online index of digital content for entertainment media and software. But soon after its release, it made it to the top 5 BitTorrent indexes throughout the globe. This search engine is a place for searching, downloading, and contributing magnet links and torrent files, and facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing among the community that uses the BitTorrent protocol.

Gradually, ExtraTorrent became a torrent file junction like other sites similar to PirateBay and more. The site follows advanced technology and algorithms to keep track of the content that is added on a regular basis or that is already available. With the search engine of ExtraTorrent, users just need to type the query and then the site will thoroughly check the content-database and  it will bring out all the matching information ranked in the order of relevancy.

The popular torrent search engine allows you to download multiple files at the same time in the least possible time. ExtraTorrent works on advanced technology that combines power, bandwidth and internet connections. Extratorrent appeared to be the revolution in the technical realm for shrinking the time limit of downloading large files, earlier the task used to take days, but is now done in hours. 

Although the website offers torrents content, it manages to provide high-end quality to its users by offering 720p or 1080p download of all content that is available on the website.

Some of the major features of this website include;

  • The website has a p2p file-sharing system along with tons of other advanced filters.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and Extratorrents search engine functionality helps you to find anything that you want to on the website instantly.
  • There are tons of great magnet links and a large range of torrent links as well.

This website has always given a tough time to top torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents and whenever these giants were down, torrent lovers always turned to Extratorrents for movies, games, books, music, and many other things.

Sadly, for the fans, the website was taken down in 2017 due to copyright issues and some of the nations where the use of this website has been banned include India, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, France, Russia, the USA, and the UK.

But that hasn’t stopped people from accessing the proxy and mirror websites of Extratorrent that went online the moment the original website went down. Let us get to know more about the proxy/mirror websites and how they exactly work.

What Happened to ExtraTorrents

ExtraTorrents website or search engine was first introduced in 2006, and is a very popular torrenting site  for downloading files such as movies, games, and videos. But its journey ended soon on May 17, 2017. 

The site was shut down soon due to being on the radar of copyright watchdogs. Several attempts have been made to generate sites that are similar to ExtraTorrent, though mirror sites were very closely related to the main website, they failed to get the same success and popularity.

What Exactly Is an Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Website?

Well, mirror websites act as an intermediary. These mirror websites act as a substitute for the original website. There are tons of great mirror websites on the internet that redirect the request either through a mirror site or another server straight to the actual website that you want to access.

In simpler terms, proxy mirror websites are a sort of bridge between your connection and the website that you are trying to reach simply by hiding your IP address. This way you can access the original website with the help of proxy/mirror websites even if that website is banned in your region.

Here is the list of the best Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites list that are up and running in 2021. The list also has the proxy website of Extratorrent2. It is also a very popular torrent website although extratorrent2 doesn’t get talked about much.

Top Proxy and Mirror Websites of ExtraTorrent in 2021

Note: Make sure to check the list of Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites before you try to access them to better know about the working status as they get regularly updated. Always remember that if one website is not working, you can always jump to another from the same list.

The sad part about all of this is that most of these websites are banned in several regions due to copyright issues, but worry not as we have a perfect solution to this problem too. The segment below has two simple methods that you can use to unblock the Extratorrents website.

Simple Ways to Unblock Extratorrent

Two major ways are known and tested and can help a user to unblock the website of Extratorrents in the year 2021. We will be discussing both of these methods.

1. With the Use of Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Websites

  • Open your web browser on your system, to begin with.
  • Now, you will need to enter or paste any of the URLs of the Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites in the URL address bar of the web browser.
  • Once you reach the website of the proxy or mirror site of the extratorrent site that you chose, you will need to locate yourself to the “Extratorrent search bar” where you will need to use the cursor to search for the content of your choice from categories like music, technology, sports, anime, web series, movies, TV shows, and even E-books.
  • You can pick the content that you want to download from the search result to get the magnet link for that content.
  • Next, click on the magnet link and a dialog box will open up when you do so. The box will have two options namely, “open Bit Torrent or cancel”.
  • Press the BitTorrent option and you will be directed to the Bit Torrent website instantly. All you need to do is to click on ok, to begin with, the process of downloading the content that you have selected. 

2. With the Use of a Premium VPN

What is a VPN and Why Using a VPN is Better?

And just like that, you can access the Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites without much work. But the thing is, most users prefer to do so with the use of a suitable VPN. The reason behind this is that most of the websites can be tracked very easily and have little to no security at all.

For those of you who are still confused as to what a VPN is, it is advanced software that helps you by hiding your IP address and it also encrypts your internet browsers to make sure that your activities on the internet are safe, secure, and private at all times. 

You can even use a VPN to spoof your location by connecting to the VPN of a different nation while being in the same area as you were before.

Before you begin with this process, make sure to download a suitable VPN for your device. Here are some good VPN services that you can use for your device. 

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • IPVanishVPN

Now follow the steps that are given below to use the VPN to your advantage.

  • Now use the steps given on the screen to install the VPN.
  • In the next tab, sign up on the installed VPN and after you have signed up, you will need to enable the “kill” or “network lock” switch of this software.
  • Now, find a country where P2P sharing is easy and legal, say the Netherlands, and then connect to the VPN of the same by selecting the server and then clicking on connect.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and as soon as the connection gets established, you will be able to access the content of your choice that is available on the extratorrent website.

These were the two simple ways that you can use to access the content of your choice without getting into trouble.

Alternatives to ExtraTorrent 

In case you think that the Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites do not get the job done for you, you can try some of the best alternatives to this website that are available on the internet for free. Here is a list of some of the best torrent websites.

Best Alternatives of ExtraTorrent (Working 2021)

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

It is one of the oldest websites on the internet when it comes to torrents. It is regarded by many as the go-father of file sharing as no other website has put in as much work when compared to this website. 

But it is safe to say that everything comes at a cost and it’s no different in the case of this website as all of the founding members have been at war with law enforcement and copyright claims, which also landed some of them in prison.

Surprisingly, with nothing going in favor of this website and a ton of people looking to take this website down, it has still been there for quite a long now and has been host to countless torrents that belong to a wide range of categories. The website has a total of 35 languages available in all. 

Here is the URL of this website- https://thepiratebays3.com/



This website is home to a great collection of movies and TV shows and is quite popular among torrent fans. The website has a great user interface and is very well organized, something that is not so common when it comes to torrent websites. 

For every torrent, the website offers a brief description, screenshots, cover art, and other relevant information that can help the user. The movies and TV shows are also available in a wide range of resolutions that range from SD to uncompressed 1080p blu-ray rips.

Apart from movies, the website also has tons of great games, music, software, and adult content to go with. The community as a whole is very great and the tracker is also managed by people who are experienced enough to know about the needs of the users and how they can cope up with their file sharing needs.

Here is the URL of this website- https://rarbg.to/

3. LimeTorrents 


The website is known as one of the fastest websites around the globe that are evolving by the day despite the current undeveloped nature of the file-sharing scene. The website homepage was recently redesigned. 

Some of the major additions included a better design, larger buttons for different categories alongside a search bar that is almost impossible to unsee. Although the rest of this website is not as great as the homepage of this website, it is still a great website overall.

In a nutshell, the website does not disappoint and has a great collection of movies, anime, and TV shows for people who love to binge-watch. 

Here is the URL of this website- https://www.limetorrents.info/

4. 1337x 

1337x is claimed

1337x is claimed by many to be the most stylish website on the internet as of now. This is one of the main reasons why people who are not quite familiar with torrent websites expect all other websites to look the same too.

Do not let the style fool you, the website has been around for more than a decade now. The website was originally launched way back in 2007 and has been offering fresh and good content to tons of different users all over the globe.

Here is the URL of this website- https://1337x.st/

Here are some of the other backup domains in case the main domain doesn’t work out. 

5. Zooqle 

The website has been growing at a rapid pace ever since its inception and has a large fanbase all over the globe. As of now, there are a total of 3.5 million torrents on Zooqle and over 1000 torrents are being added on this website daily. 

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this website is the design and the excellent functionality which makes it a fan favorite. You can see the search for torrents by name and browse newly added torrents on the homepage of this brilliant website. 

Only two languages, English and Russian are available on this website for now but it is expected that a lot more languages will be added to this website shortly.

Here is the URL of this website- http://zooqle.com/

6. Torrentz2 


This is one of the lesser-known websites that use other torrent sites to collect torrents. One of the main reasons why the website has managed to escape the law enforcement radar is because it does not hold any torrent files.

Although the website may not seem like the best option on the list of websites that we have mentioned here, it still manages to get the job done. You can great torrents with the assurance that no copyright watchdogs are going to come after you.

Here is the URL of this website- https://torrentz2in.top/

Read More: Unblocking Torrentz2: Latest Proxy Sites and Top Alternatives of Torrentz2

7. YTS.ag


The prodigal successor to YIFY torrents. Similar to YIFY torrents, the YTS.ag website has a wide range when it comes to sources of high-quality movies that can be downloaded in a short period, thanks to the excellent optimization of this website. 

One can say that both the YIFY and the YTS.ag are quite similar in the user interface, functioning, and homepages but you will find it hard to believe that the two are run by very different people.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.yts.ag/

8. RuTracker


The website is host to some of the best English and Russian movies to ever be made. Truth is, the website is a semi-private Russian torrent tracker which is one of the main reasons why it has Russian written all over it.

You can access this website for free and there is no strict seeding requirement of any type on this website. This means that you are free to go and share the content that you download for as long as possible.

You will need to take help from Google translate to translate RuTracker into English because otherwise, it will be very hard for you to navigate through this website. But as soon as you get used to this layout, you can simply use this amazing website without any ads.

There are tons of great ads on the internet on RuTracker but you can simply block them with a Russian filter from an adblocker.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.rutracker.org/

9. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

This is by far one of the best Extratorrent alternatives that are available on the internet. The website does not need a big introduction in the first place and it was launched way back in 2008. A while back ago, it even enjoyed a great deal of traffic, which was around a million users every day.

Even though the website is way past its best days, it is still regarded by many as one of the best torrent websites around the world. The website has a simple search page that allows the users to find what they are looking for without much fuss and to top it all, it also looks like Google Search.

You can even move to an alternative homepage that shows popular torrents from all the categories which include movies, TV shows, books, songs, anime, and applications. The search section is also a bit different than the main homepage and there is also a community section where you can interact with other members in a couple of different languages.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.katcr.co/

10. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

The torrent downloads website is regarded by many as one of the best alternatives to Extratorrent and has torrents for TV shows, movies, books, anime, music, games, and software. Most of the things that are on this website are legitimate and are safe to download for the users.

To top it all, the website is free from annoying ads. All these perks do not mean that the website does not have its fair share of malicious torrents among the popular torrents, but the good thing is that it is a very rare sight.

You will be redirected to iTorrents.org the moment you try to download a torrent from this website, which is of course for a temporary basis. The service is free and works as a caching torrent file online.

The main reason behind redirecting users is so the website can save itself from law enforcement agencies and copyright wolves. It is a very common method and is used by many websites, some even only offering magnet links to the users.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.torrentdownloads.me/

11. Torlock


With a total of more than 7 million verified torrents available and new ones getting added to the website every day, this website is one of the best places for torrent fans to download the torrents of their choice.

It is one of the lesser-known websites that are fast, responsive, and has a great layout that is still relevant even in the year 2021. Here, the users can find a great selection of torrents on the homepage of this website.

This way the users can browse tons of great categories, that also include TV shows, movies, and even games. There is also adult content on this website but do not worry as the website has a separate section for that to make sure that no one can access that content by accident.

The website of Torlock even has a section where you can find all of the latest file-sharing news stories from tons of great websites. You should visit this section once in a while in case you are using the website daily for downloading torrents so you can better know about the rules and regulations.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.torlock.com/

12. SkyTorrents


This website is quite similar to Torrentz2 when it comes to search engines for torrents. Because the website gets little to no attention from news websites and torrenting blogs, the website still has managed to have a total of 28 million entries, which is very impressive by all means.

Some of the many languages that are available on this website include English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and Japanese among many others. The website even makes things easier to search for the users as it has tons of advanced search filters where you can use positive and negative keywords along with the date, seeders, size, and even leechers.

Here is the URL of this website- http://www.skytorrents.to/

These are some of the best alternatives to Extra torrents that are available on the internet for you. You can use any of those websites to access high-quality torrents to download movies, games, books, and a ton of other things.


Although there are great torrent websites on the internet that the users can access to download high-quality torrents, no website can ever beat the services and the features that the Extratorrent website offered to the users.

You can still manage to access this amazing website with the help of proxy and mirror websites but make sure to do so with the use of a suitable VPN or you can unblock the website with other methods as that will better help you to shield your data and identity.

Although make sure to avoid the websites that are unofficial mirror sites as most of those websites can corrupt your system and even bring malicious software to your system. Just take all the necessary measures and you are good to move forward with your torrenting tale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The original ExtraTorrent has been down since 2017 and there is no way one could find it. The torrent giant’s base has a lot of proxy sites but all of them are temporary. Earlier, users often looked for the right site to access Extratorrent. THerefore, we have created this article which contains all the ExtraTorrent Proxies.

Ans: The best similar site to ExtraTorrent is YTS.MX or PirateBay. Both sites are very similar to ExtraTorrent and offer the same variety of content. You can download free content using these sites. If required, you can use the mirror sites available.

Ans: All torrent trackers are not safe generally, however using the ExtraTorrent search engine is safe to use for browsing general information. Torrent search engine like ExtraTorrent may include some notorious sites, hence it is advisable to enable the VON while using and refrain from clicking on any random link or ad that you see.

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