What makes you like a location? Think of the last café you went to; did you like it? What did you like about it? And if you did not, then why did you not like it? You can do the same with restaurants, bars, shops, anywhere. What makes a place stand out and be memorable? What entices you to a certain location to sit there and spend your time? This article argues the point that aesthetics has never been more popular. We live in a world where we are surrounded by the best of the best. Instagram shows us the best of life, people in the best locations, eating the best of food. It can be tough to keep up with, but it does affect us. It gives us a taste for style, class, and elegance. So here is why aesthetics are important in a business.

The Look

As stated, social media has warped our perception of the world. We now view our lives as something that has to be perfect as we take the one post that we see people put up as their entire life. What I mean by this is that platforms such as Instagram paint a fake picture of people’s lives; they create an image they want to be associated with. Therefore, seeing people eat in fancy restaurants and beautiful locations is not necessarily an accurate depiction of life. This being said, people see these things and want to eat and associate themselves with such places. One need only view websites such as https://tradies.com.au/ to see what I am referring to. While it is nice to treat ourselves, it is impossible to maintain unrealistic expectations of ourselves, in this way social media can be damaging. For other, more sustainable ways to grow a business, click here.

The Class Effect

Since the beginning of time, there has been a sort of social divide. Us and them, proles and middle class, tenants and landowners; there is no changing this. However, it does have an effect when it comes to being in a place of business. Having a high-class look in a café can create a feeling of high living. Although at the end of it all, this is meaningless, it still does have an effect on us. Some people will prefer to spend their time in such places so to instill this feeling in themselves. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, it is simply a fact. No matter the class you belong to, such an environment can make you feel a certain way. People of the middle class may feel like they belong there. People below the middle class may not feel this way, feeling more uncomfortable, or they may feel empowered in such a place. Therefore, it is important to know who your target market is as a business owner and what feelings you want to instill in your customers. For more information on Australian businesses click here.

There you have it, two reasons why an aesthetic look is important in business. Aesthetics are important as they help create an atmosphere and will in turn decide who is attracted to the location. Go forth and design your business space.

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