A virtual private network (VPN) gives you more privacy when using the Internet. Suitable Windows clients include all online applications in their protection. These freeware solutions do a good job.

Internet anonymization methods come in two “flavors”: proxies and VPNs. You research the former on the Internet in order to enter their server addresses in the settings of Windows and/or your browser. The more modern VPNs are easier to use: Corresponding client programs make it unnecessary to search for proxies. They also enable you to surf anonymously, and the routing of data traffic/traffic through an encrypted tunnel ensures protection against eavesdropping against hackers. The latter is an advantage if Internet surfers go online via public, i.e. unsecured, WLAN (hotspot)s. Likewise, users at home gain privacy because they transmit a different IP address to the web server and thus bypass geoblocks and avoid any (unjustified) IP bans, for example from forum operators.VPN clients just click on the interface to start the virtual private network; sometimes there is a notification area symbol with the associated context command in the Windows taskbar. If desired, the VPN is activated automatically every time Windows is started.

Free VPN providers – that’s what it’s all about

VPNs often come in two flavors: as a client for Windows and as an add-on for browsers. If you want to anonymize and protect any Internet application, you should use a Windows free VPN. After installation, all you have to do is switch on the VPN with a click – all data traffic flows under the guise of the protection program. However, slimmer browser add-ons are sufficient for sporadic anonymous web excursions. However, power users are better served with the Windows clients, especially since they are integrated into the autostart.

iTop VPN is a new competitor for the best free VPN for Windows, and it is quickly becoming one of the top free VPNs for Windows. Although iTop VPN is regarded as one of the finest VPNs on Reddit, it actually benefits from its most recent itineration, allowing it to outperform its competition in terms of technical maturity.

+ 1800+ servers from 100+ regions all over the world

+ 700 megabytes of anonymous free traffic per day

+ In the main window, the anonymous IP address is displayed

+ Built-in internet speed test (determines Mbps as well as ping and jitter in ms)

+ Kill switch function/setting switch

+ Various protocols can be selected


With a whopping 700 megabytes of traffic per day, iTop VPN offers more anonymous surfing volume per month than most of its competitors and the 1-click operation is easy to use. You will get a good overall package here with abundant servers of iTop free VPN for Windows. Incidentally, VPN is by far not the only way to move through the data network with a magic cloak. There are some other programs with different technical approaches: Surf anonymously: IP masking via proxy and VPN. But iTop VPN is surely the easiest and safest way to do so.

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