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Bright colors, the epic characters, the crazy fighting, the unnatural environment and the over-the-top story line can only be related to “Anime” which in its most basic form refers to animated cartoons shows. It is certainly a unique genre of entertainment that viewers of all age groups enjoy. Viewing anime provides an escape from daily life into a new unrealistic yet fantastical and crazy world. 

However, unlike earlier, nowadays with an increasing availability of anime more and more newcomers are delving into the world of anime. So, if this form of entertainment also appeals to you the most as a way to be free from the struggles of daily life then, let’s tell you among the most substantial sites for bingeing on animations is KimCartoon.

With that said, all those who consider themselves an avid lover of anime movies and series must be well-aware of this free online streaming site. However, even if not then, worries not! We’re here to enlighten you all about the same. 

Overview of KimCartoon Website: Why Is It Popular?

KimCartoon is one sort of online streaming website that consists of thousands of animated television shows and movies on its platform.  To be precise, the site is popular for streaming cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Swat Kats, Teen Titans, American Dragon, Looney Tunes Show, Butt-Head, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, The Jetsons, Beavis, Justice League, KimCartoon Ducktales, and many more. 

From its portal, you not only can watch but also download from a huge variety of cartoons, movies genres, and anime series that are highly popular all across the globe.  Besides that, what makes it the best place to find your favorite cartoons is that it features a separate list of “New cartoons and Top cartoons”— based on day, week and month basis.  

The next great feature of this website is how perfectly it has sorted out its categorization of content.  With its very intuitive and clear UI, it helps all those who view the website to fast and easy browse the content on the platform using these respective categories—

  • Latest Update: It contains the list of new and latest arrivals.
  • Ongoing Series: It contains the list of content to not lose the continuity of those that come in chapter and series.
  • Hot Tags: It contains the list of most popular shows and series.

Not only that, it also lets all its individual users make requests for cartoons of their choice, isn’t it amazing enough? I’m sure, yes! 

Furthermore, if this isn’t enough for you to fall for this website then, let us tell you KimCartoon even offer its audiences a huge collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Hollywood movies for free in these given categories—

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Battle
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Movement
  • Sports activities actions
  • Thriller
  • Youngsters
  • Supernatural
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology &
  • Comedy, etc.

This extensive list of all the latest and old movies genres on KimCartoon enabled the viewers like you to watch and download any of your favorite movies in these options—

  • HD movie download
  • Full Movie HD
  • Full movie download 360P HD
  • Full movie download 480p HD
  • Full movie download 720p HD

Recently, the following list of latest movies are leaked by the KimCartoon website—

  • Dragon Ball Super
  • B: The Beginning
  • Assault on Titan
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Yuri on Ice
  • The Rising of the Defend Hero &
  • Misplaced Observe, etc.

All in all, the site broadcasts a plethora of content to entertain all its users to the fullest and all what you get your hands on this online streaming site is absolutely free, that means it will incur no cost from you. Additionally, KimCartoon doesn’t also require you to register on the portal to use it. 

Thus, KimCartoon website is considered as the “Jewel in the crown” by all those who regard themselves as Anime fans and also the movie bluffs. However, there’s much more to read about the website, so without any additional ado, let’s continue reading further—

Is KimCartoon Domain Active?

Despite what all you have just read, it is also true that in some regions and individual countries, the site is completely inaccessible, or its domain is not working anymore. Wondering why? Well, Kim Cartoon website is a third- party unauthorized platform and if you look at some comments on KimCartoon Reddit, it is mentioned that the site is banned in many countries due to their stringent copy-right infringement laws. Therefore, it is true in its complete sense that the KimCartoon website can’t be accessible freely in some parts of the world.

So, in case you find yourself unable to use KimCartoon in your country, location or area then, we’ve also listed some of the best alternative sites like KimCartoon later in the blog and for that, you have to read this blog till the end.

How to Unblock/Use KimCartoon Website?

Even if the site is blocked, you can still access it and use it. Wondering how? Well, to unblock the site, you must use a VPN. 

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an advanced technology that replaces your original IP address with a replicate one and gives you a secret alley to access restricted sites like KimCartoon to a location where the usage of such sites are legal. In short, VPNs don’t reveal your actual personal information; instead it has a secure encryption method to help you access the restricted sites.

However, you have to be very picky about it because not just any VPN will help you to prevent the blockade of the KimCartoon website. Rather, you need a very reliable VPN that makes the unblocking of KimCartoon and other such websites easy along with keeping your online presence safe and secure. 

[Note: If you want us to recommend you the best VPN out there, consider reading this blog of ours on the topic of “10 Top-Best VPNs.”]

Now, taking into account that you must have downloaded and installed a reliable and unlockable VPN on your device with the help of our guide from that respective blog; here’s the further assistance on what you need to do to access KimCartoon

  • Launch the VPN that you’ve installed on your device.
  • After you do so, connect your device to a VPN server of one such particular country where KimCartoon is available for access.
  • And, once you’re successfully connected to the selected country’s server where KimCartoon is yet not blocked, you’re all set to visit the website for seamlessly viewing your favorite content.
  • In addition to the usage of VPN, you can also install any of the following AdBlocker extension—

These AdBlocker extensions for KimCartoon help in blocking ads and unwanted content that you encounter on KimCartoon site to give in return not only the ad-free experience, but also to save your time by loading the website page faster.

Is It Safe To Use KimCartoon Website?

It is worthy enough to note that despite the benefits that KimCartoon-like free running sites offer, one should not forget that they often come with a warning of risks to your safety and privacy.

To be precise, websites like KimCartoon can pose a potential threat to your device and also can invade your privacy by infecting it with malware and viruses. So, bearing that in mind, it is necessary along with usage of VPN to also install strong Anti-virus software in your device before using any such sites.

List of KimCartoon Proxy and Mirror Sites

As mentioned above, KimCartoon is not working anymore in many countries. So, wherever it is not working, the users of that location if not through a VPN, can also consider accessing the website using these proxy and mirror sites of the original domain of KimCartoon—

Using these aforementioned mirrors and proxies of KimCartoon, one can easily get their hands on all the animated content that the original KimCartoon website used to offer! 

Moreover, it is worthy enough to note that, along with streaming all your favorite cartoons, they also let you download the videos on your respective device and simply save them to watch later in your most comfortable time. 

Is It Really Possible to Download Videos from KimCartoon?

Despite offering the resource-rich anime and other content in HD quality, a long-standing complaint has been witnessed against KimCartoon that the disturbance due to commercials continues to be a pain in the user’s veins.  The outcome of the same, leads viewers to save themselves from such distractions by either installing an AdBlocker extension or by opting to the method of downloading videos for offline watching.

So, yes of course, if you’re able to access the site you can also download videos from it. However, not directly!

How to Download Videos from Kim Cartoon?

To download and handily save all episodes from KimCartoon, you need to enlighten yourself about the following 3 methods—

Method 1 – Download KimCartoon Videos Directly

If you want to directly download videos from KimCartoon to MP4 without any sort of other requirement then, you have two simple options, and they are as follows: 

  • Option 1: Use a Beta Server

You can simply switch to “Beta Server” and play the video on KimCartoon that you want to download. Then, just right-click on the Video Player and select “Save Video As” from the context menu that appears on the screen, to finally save video on your device.

  • Option 2: Use a Screen Recorder

Press ‘Win + G’ keys together to bring up the ‘Game Bar’ on your PC. Then, play the cartoon video on KimCartoon like KimCartoon Steven Universe to full screen and simply set the Game Bar feature to record. In this way, you can use the in-built screen recorder of your PC to record and save videos like Steven Universe anime from KimCartoon website. [Note: In this way, remember that you may have to compromise with the video and audio quality.]

Method 2 –Download KimCartoon Videos with Browser Extension

There is this Video DownloadHelper that serves as a widely acclaimed KimCartoon downloader browser extension on Chrome and Firefox. Basically, you can download any of the two browser extension called Video Downloader Professional for Chrome and Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download for Firefox from here to helps yourself in downloading videos from KimCartoon. 

Both the extensions work similarly. How? Let’s see—

  • The moment you finish downloading the extension for your browser, you’ll notice that the same will add an icon onto your browser’s homepage panel. 
  • And, once you locate that icon, go to play a cartoon video on KimCartoon website. 
  • In doing so, the icon becomes colorful to indicate that the video is available for download.
  • Now, you’ve to just click on that colorful icon to select the most suitable option from the available ones to download video from KimCartoon.

Method 3 –Download Videos from KimCartoon with IDM

Internet Download Manager which is well-known as IDM is a sought-after download manager that supports nearly all popular browsers to help you download videos from whichever platform you like. Now, let’s see how it works—

  • Install an IDM on your computer.
  • Then, open a cartoon episode page on KimCartoon.
  • After that, a ‘video download panel’ automatically pop-up on the screen.
  • Now, you have to just click on it.
  • In doing so, another ‘download dialog box’ will pop up to let you edit the filename, add a description, and change its download path or category, etc.
  • Once you’re done with all this, you can hit the ‘Start Download’ button to download the selected KimCartoon video on your device.

[Note: The video will be saved in “.ts format” so in order to open it you have to convert TS video to MP4 using any online available free video converters.]

Best KimCartoon Alternatives & Similar Sites

Although KimCartoon is surely a best suited option according to everyone’s likes and preferences, still there are many who want to have more choices in the same category. Well, you never know when you face a discrepancy in this site and need to try out the other alternatives to maintain continuity of watching your favorite toon, right!

So, followings are the similar and comparable platforms to KimCartoon website that you should definitely look upon in 2022—

Website NameWorking URL
Anime Toon
Disney Junior

You can simply consider visiting and using any from the aforementioned list of 10 similar and comparable platforms like KimCartoon. But, to help you decide the best as per your respective choice and preference we’ve discussed them in detail. So, read-out further to have enough idea about each of the following mentioned alternatives of KimCartoon!

1. Anime Toon

All the KimCartoon lovers out there, if you’re looking for its best alternative then, AnimeToon is the one that you find on the top. It’s because if you want to get your hands on all the collections of recent movies, TV shows and anime content, you have to wait for a certain period of time but, the case is opposite with AnimeToon. You can get whatever content you like along with the recent ones also. All in all, this absolute alternative of KimCartoon has a plethora of amazing cartoon series like Ben10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, and Pokémon including their dubbed versions to satisfy its millions of monthly visitor’s needs.

2. Crunchyroll

Second on the list comes a ‘legal’ name that broadcasts a huge anime collection i.e., around 25,000 anime episodes and 15,000 hours of “officially licensed” content in various genres. So, owing to the fact that Crunchyroll has an extensive anime collection; it has grown to become one of the world-most popular websites on the internet. 

Although the website offers both free and paid content, if you consider streaming its free content, it comes with lots of pop-up ads that are annoying as hell. In fact, users cannot be able to see any of the latest episodes if they decide to watch the free-content. However, that’s the minor limitation of this site. What rest left are only the advantages that users can have access to after creating an account on the platform. For instance, the site not only brings you the amazing dubbed and subtitled anime, but also a lot of Asian dramas. 

Hence, if you want to watch entirely legal anime series in HD quality then, Cruchyroll is the right place for you.

3. KissAnime

Next streaming site that should not be missed on the list is KissAnime. On its platform, you can seamlessly binge-watch as well as download movies and anime episodes of up to 1080 pixels. And, though you have to register on the website to enjoy viewing its content, you don’t have to pay anything for registering yourself on it. Moreover, the website also keeps its users updated with all its recent dubbed as well as subbed Anime releases and recommendations that come along with critic ratings.

4. CartoonCrazy

Mainly designed for cartoon lovers, Cartoon Crazy is a suitable alternative to KimCartoon as it is best known for its wide variety of cartoon content. It offers high-quality video and uninterrupted streaming, which makes it more preferable than other similar sites. Also, the site keeps its fan base devoted with special features that suggest them about the anime movies and cartoon shows/series which they haven’t seen yet. Thus, the site enjoys immense popularity among all its millions of viewers.

5. 9Anime

This alternative site of KimCartoon has a large database of anime series all over the world which gets regularly updated. Here on 9Anime platform, you can watch Rick and Morty cartoons and other popular anime series like Looney Tunes, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, and Tom & Jerry for absolutely free of cost. To be precise, this site has an enormous collection of over 2500 good quality anime series that you can access anytime, anywhere in the world.

6. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is one of the most popular Anime streaming websites on the web that broadcasts a terrific collection of cartoon series in high definition video quality from 480p, 720p to 1080p. It’s entirely because Disney, till now, produces the best and the most popular animated movies and animations. Besides that, it also has the most user-friendly Interface and offers its users, especially children, a substantial list of anime and cartoons to choose from. Overall, on this site, viewers of all ages will get an outstanding opportunity for binge-watching the most-popular animations.

7. WatchCartoonOnline

Another viral anime streaming website that must be on this list is WatchCartoonOnline. Why? Well, because it has a massive variety of videos and unlimited collection of anime series from all over the world. Besides that, it is loved for factors like offering classes of current cartoons and Anime collection on user’s request that too in the excessive image and sound quality to satisfy the wants of its millions of WCO users. 

8. AnimeRhino

On the AnimeRhino site, you’ll be amazed to see the latest episodes and latest anime manga with tons of different genres ranging from romance, humor, and horror, to action, comedy and thriller, etc. Besides that, the site offers a comprehensive collection of animated content in well-organized sections such as the feature shows, latest anime news, soon-to-be-released episodes, contests, simulcasts, and so on. Well, this is why it is mentioned here in the list of top-10 KimCartoon alternative sites.

9. Eyeonanime

Eyeonanime is another great platform to get the latest anime and cartoons streamed online.  Here, on the site not only you can watch anime but also sort your options through rating and name of whatever movies, web seasons, and episodes you want to watch. Also, its user-interface is so cool that you can in no time find your favorite content. Wondering how? Well, because different categories of anime series with different genres are perfectly organized on this website. Besides that, if you love all sorts of anime more than anything then, you should definitely visit this platform because you can find a great collection of both new and old anime here. 

10. AnimeShow

Last but not least, AnimeShow is one of the largest platforms to observe anime series and HD movies.  On its platform, many animations, anime series, anime motion pictures, and cartoon movies are present as choices for users to pick from! The site, though has many factors to cherish upon but, out of all, the most prevalent is that it requires ‘No Subscription Fee’ to let anime fans binge-watch as well as download their favorite cartoons and anime series. So, without any shadow of doubt it has been considered as one of the best choices of site among the viewers like you for getting hands on all the popular-animated content.

In a Nutshell

This is all what you should have known about KimCartoon—the one of the most popular websites that showcases a great range of anime, cartoons, movies, TV Shows, web series and much more for online free streaming. However, considering that, viewers are often in exploration of KimCartoon alternatives as one individual platform can’t be adequate for viewers to watch all of these; we’ve also mentioned a total of 10 best KimCartoon replacements that can be utilized to obtain the most significant help!

[Disclaimer: We know that accessing any illegally hosted content is a punishable offense in many countries. Thus, we strongly discourage who does so! Our motto of writing this blog is to enlighten our readers about the KimCartoon site and some of its best alternatives. We suggest everyone who reads this blog to use websites like KimCartoon solely at your own risk.]

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