Lately, this question is asked often due to sudden increases in premiums. Most motorists were enjoying relatively agreeable rates for some time. They were even getting little discounts for every year that they were out of trouble in terms of claims and traffic violations. But they are suddenly shaken up by price hikes and start looking around for solutions.

Generally, motorists don’t really shop around unless they are forced to do so. They may have a recent accident or additional young driver that raised their premiums a lot. Or lately, inflationary pressures force prices up all across. Under such circumstances, people want to know estimated figures to judge if they are paying a fair amount or being taken advantage of.

Are There Average Rates to Compare?

Every so often some research companies or vehicle insurance blogs do extensive studies to find out what would an average cost be for a typical driver. The problem is that the prices differ significantly in every state because of different regulations and limitations. That is why they need to get quotes for a typical driver in every state from various companies and calculate the average.

Motorists can find how much is auto insurance on average in their state by looking at these published estimates. Obviously, everyone is different in many ways but they have something to compare to. They can always ask around friends and family but they really don’t know their circumstances anyway.

What is the Meaning of Average?

They usually take a middle-aged person with good records in these studies. However, the most important thing to remember is that the average is the middle figure. That means there is normally a wide range in which prices move. For example, if one person is paying $2,000 and the other $1,000, the average is $1,500. So, there are people on both ends of that pendulum.

The actual point is that there are companies on both ends of the extreme. That is why there is a range. Unfortunately, vehicle insurance isn’t a commodity with very close prices. On the contrary, the prices can swing widely depending on the provider, more than the applicant’s details. It is fair to say that a good driver with several years of no claim history and no traffic tickets can actually pay more than someone who had a claim a couple of years ago.

All because one shopped around for the best automobile insurance quotes he can get in the market while the other trusted that his/her provider will offer special rates as he/she is a loyal customer.

What is a Possible Price Difference Between Companies?

Many people think that they get discounts for having no claims or traffic tickets, a safe and secure car, good credit, and a pleasant neighborhood. These are all true. However, they can get the largest savings by finding the cheapest auto insurer for their circumstances.

In the above example, there are some companies that care more about credit scores than claim history. They can offer as much as a 20% discount for a perfect score. So, a driver with a small claim a couple of years ago could easily find a company that thinks differently about risks. The idea is that they would rather try to predict the future.

Someone with good financial standing appears to be doing fine and moving on in life. So, such a person is somehow a lower risk even with a claim. So, motorists should even try to guess what the quote will be from a particular company. They shouldn’t even think about names until they get several quotes first and see how they line up. Then, they can look at the brands in connection with the prices they offer and make a decision.


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