There are several hosting services. Users opt for the one according to the website’s needs. 

When I say it depends upon the website’s needs, I also mean the kind of website you have. If you are just getting started with your business and have a new website, you may require a different hosting service. 

Similarly, high-end websites require different hosting. 

Several hosting services are, shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated, and cloud hosting. We won’t talk about it all but compare the basic shared hosting and VPS services. 

You know that getting started with websites/blogs needs web hosting services. Without hosting services, your websites are not visible. But, the main task comes to what hosting services to buy?

For a beginner website shared hosting works too well. It provides value for money. The resources are more than enough and you can run a hassle-free website.

The new websites take a little time in growing and become better. It needs a lot of work from your end as well to attract visitors, customers, or readers. 

But with time, it gains the required traffic. Let’s say 1-2 years where you gain enough traffic to grow more. However, as you start receiving heavy traffic, shared hosting doesn’t work that well.

It limits the growth and eventually decreases the performance of the website. So, in that case, the website requires better hosting. 

That is when VPS comes into place. It offers efficiency for heavy-traffic websites. As you outgrow shared hosting, VPS helps the website perform effectively. With more resources and better features, growth becomes possible.

VPS VS Shared Hosting Services

Any web hosting service, be it Miles Web or any other premium service provider, holds your web content on the webserver. With the help of hosting, visitors can browse the web pages.

So, VPS and shared hosting provide the same service. However, there are slight differences.

Cheap Shared hosting is hosting where thousands of users share the server space and resources. As you grow and attract better traffic, you run out of space as well as resources. 

You can imagine that once you run out of space and resources, the website performance degrades. It is no more efficient and also impacts the visitors’ experience. 

So, to keep the pace and have a smooth running website, switching to VPS is essential. VPS is hosting where you own the server. Like shared hosting, you don’t share the server space. Instead, you get the benefit of your own virtual server and dedicated resources. 

Yes, you heard that right! Linux VPS hosting provides 100% dedicated resources, which are a lot more than you would expect. You can utilize the resources as you want and as required.

Additionally, as a VPS user, you get a completely isolated environment. No other user is hindering the growth. Even their website’s traffic will not affect your website’s performance.

As it has more to offer in terms of consistent growth, users are recommended to switch to VPS from shared hosting after a while.

VPS is a powerful hosting service. The host deploys the physical server and creates multiple virtual servers. Later, the virtual servers are distributed among thousands of users.

The virtual server increases the efficiency of your website. It lets you have more privacy, security, and reliability. If you continue with shared hosting, security may also impact the growth.

There are some chances of attacks, malicious activities, and threats with shared hosting, as you share the space with many users. But in VPS, you are free from such activities until you don’t expose your server to threats.

Where Can I Get Best Web Hosting Services?

MilesWeb is one amazing hosting provider. They offer all hosting services, including shared hosting and VPS.

The host is certainly inexpensive and fits any user’s budget. That means you can get shared hosting or VPS at affordable prices. Plus, you will even get a discount on any plan you purchase (terms and conditions apply).

Shared hosting has three plans starting from Rs. 60/ after a 70% discount. The other two plans, Prime and Multi, also offer a free .com domain. The deal is to purchase any plan for at least three years to get the discount and the domain. 

The .com domain is free for the first year. From the second year, you may have to pay the regular domain price. 

VPS hosting has many plans under it. There are even options for managed/self-managed services. You can opt for one that suits your requirements.

VPS hosting plans start from Rs. 630/m after a 25% discount with the same terms and conditions as mentioned above. 

The three years plan is reasonable. If you opt for it, you can save an investment as it is value for money.

Moreover, MilesWeb provides the best features with both shared hosting and VPS services. You may enjoy additional benefits with VPS if you are planning to switch. Plus, they offer easy migration.


There are good differences between shared hosting and VPS hosting. They both provide efficiency but with time. 

If you are a beginner, you can opt for shared hosting. But as you start growing, you will need to switch to VPS. VPS will offer more space, resources, and security.

In that case, MilesWeb is affordable. You can enjoy a 25% discount on VPS plans and earn top-notch features.

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