Your website has outgrown the hosting, and you must switch to better hosting services. In that case, no hosting service is as powerful as dedicated hosting. 

Heavy websites need powerful hosting as they can help you with business expansion and more wealth. If your website is facing any issues related to server and performance, it is because of the hosting service that is not providing enough value. 

More likely, a shared hosting service is less efficient for heavy websites. If you switch to dedicated hosting, your website will become better to handle such traffic. 

Any website that receives heavy traffic cannot afford to have too many downtimes. It will have an impact on their business and reputation.

A powerful server can give you all that is required to float on the internet. Even VPS is a better hosting service, but that is virtual. You get a virtual server and resources.

If you go for dedicated hosting, you own the entire physical server. There won’t be a need of sharing resources and server space with any user.

The best part about dedicated hosting is that it gives you an isolated environment. Such environments secure the server and files stored on it.

The chances of threats and attacks increase when you share server space with other users. It decreases the originality of the brand, which leads to heavy losses. But, a cheap dedicated server manages to provide the best hosting experience. 

Dedicated hosting is generally for big websites, eCommerce sites, and agencies that have high-profile customers. It helps them run smooth websites at all hours as dedicated hosting offers high uptime.

MilesWeb is the best hosting provider in that case. They have served more than thirty thousand customers worldwide. It is their quality services that make users have faith in them. If you opt for MilesWeb hosting services, you can flourish your business to big levels.

The company has been in the hosting business since 2012. They are affordable and provide best-in-class features. Plus, the company doesn’t only offer dedicated hosting but all hosting services at reasonable rates.

Here is the list of services they offer –

  • Shared hosting (with 80% discount, terms and conditions apply)
  • VPS hosting (with 25% discount, terms and conditions apply)
  • Reseller hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Domain and SSL Certificates
  • Transfer domain

They offer occasional and festive discounts as well. The best part about them is they are inexpensive. This often confuses people between shared hosting and VPS services.

Dedicated hosting is something that is a huge investment. But, MilesWeb makes it simpler for its users. With their low-cost dedicated hosting, you can save some money.

There are many best web hosting in Australia. All of them offer good services. However, if you compare them all, MilesWeb is the only quality + low-cost hosting provider.

It is a one-time deal. If you opt for another provider, you may have to invest more, and quality is not guaranteed. So, why not go for the hosting company that offers both quality and affordable rates?

Additionally, MilesWeb offers many good features. They will help you expand the business and generate more traffic. The more traffic you have, there are more chances of heavy sales.

So, it is the ideal deal, I feel. The rest is your choice.

The company will help you with the migration process as well. They have an expert team that assists users with all their queries. But, you will have to reach out to them via email tickets or chats, and they will get back to you.

Furthermore, MilesWeb offers cPanel and Plesk control panel options. If you purchase the control panel from the host, they will install and configure it on the dedicated server. 

Features to Enjoy with MilesWeb

Server Control 

As you own the physical server, you can manage and utilize the resources as per your preferences. There won’t be any restriction for the same. 

MilesWeb allows SSH root access. You have the authority to monitor, customize, configure the server. Plus, you can install and run heavy web applications. 

Service Level Agreement

You will get a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. There won’t be any downtime, and web pages will load faster than before. 

If you check other hosting providers’ dedicated plans, MilesWeb offers the highest uptime.


You will have the best security experience. As you don’t share the server with others, your bare metal servers are highly reliable. 

It decreases any chances of threats and fraudulent activities. You completely enjoy the isolated environment where not a single user affects the website’s performance. 

Hardware RAID

MilesWeb’s bare metal servers support the following –

  • RAID 0, 
  • RAID 1, 
  • RAID 5 and
  • RAID 10 

You can purchase them at an additional cost if required.

Premium Bandwidth

The host offers 100 Mb/s to 1 GBPS bandwidth with dedicated hosting services.

Unlimited Website Hosting

You earn the benefit to host multiple websites. You can also shift all your websites to bare metal servers. Additionally, resell the resources if you wish.

Final Words

If you want to have a smooth running website, powerful hosting is essential. Dedicated hosting can help you run a hassle-free website.

But you are required to switch immediately. If you invest more time in deciding, you may start to lose visitors. Good-performing websites are the reason for heavy traffic, and you wouldn’t want to lose that.

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