At some point or another, you will find that it is necessary to bring your dog to the veterinarian for a visit. They will need to receive their vaccinations and booster shots, they will need a routine check-up each year, and there will most likely come a time when they will need treatment for an illness or injury.

Unfortunately, many dogs experience a great deal of stress whenever they have to go to the vet. Some are afraid to ride in the car, while others are simply uncomfortable with being away from home and in a new environment.

Regardless of how stressed they become when visiting the vet, it is important to ensure that you take your dog to the vet any time it is necessary. The good news is that there are several things you can do to help your dog to remain calm when they are getting essential veterinary care.

Here are just a few tips to bear in mind the next time you need to take your dog to see the vet.

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Choose a Good Vet

This might sound like it goes without saying, but you must choose a good vet for your dog to ease their stress. Dogs can be incredibly sensitive to people, and if your dog doesn’t respond well to a certain vet, then they will become stressed out any time they have to see them.

Take the time to find a vet that your dog likes. They should be well-reviewed by other pet parents and have a calm disposition. You can find several such vets to choose from at

Address Car Anxiety

Unless they have been specifically brought up taking frequent car rides, most dogs are uncomfortable being in the car for any amount of time. This can make it difficult to keep your dog calm from the moment that you leave your house for the vet’s office.

If your dog is unaccustomed to being in the car, there are a few things you can do to help ease the stress next time you take them to the vet. For starters, try to find a vet that is close to home, so you don’t keep them in the car for too long. Next, consider using something like a thunder jacket for your dog to help them remain calm for the ride.

There are also calming treats that you can give your dog that is intended to help them to relax in times of stress. While they don’t necessarily cure their anxiety, they can take the edge off.

Reward Them

As with most aspects of training your dog, treats can go a long way to getting you the results that you want. Even though most dogs experiencing anxiety won’t eat treats, you should look to reward them when they behave well at the vet. Even giving them an extra special treat when you get home can help to enforce their good behavior.

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