Art galleries do not get the fantastic PR they deserve. People do not even fully understand what it is. Some people often think of the gallery as an unpleasant, boring, dreary place full of old, musty pictures, and so many people would hesitate to visit them. Some think that art galleries are obsolete things, replaced by advancing technology like the internet and Instagram.

But all these assumptions are untrue. Art galleries can be some of the most aesthetically pleasing places you can visit, and Instagram cannot quite capture the human touch to sharing art that galleries have and present.

For emerging artists, visiting art galleries is even more critical, and this is so for many reasons, some of which will now be outlined below:

It Helps Present Art in A Different Light

These days, especially as the world becomes more and more interconnected and things are now instantly accessible at the tap of a screen, artworks are now readily available. Anyone can view the artworks of any particular artist at any time through their screens and in the comfort of their own home. 

While this is great for artists due to the broader reach of marketing, it does not compare to an art gallery. Viewing images on a screen can in no way replace the experience of attending a gallery. You can meet the artist in person and experience the work first-hand.

It is not an accident that works showcased in art galleries are carefully curated. The installation of the art, how the chosen artworks are displayed in the gallery itself, the implementation of curation techniques, the kind of aesthetic effect intended, etc., all combine to create an experience that cannot be achieved from viewing the image from the internet alone.

This viewing of art from a different perspective can help grow the appreciation of art for emerging artists and help teach them how to create an effect from their art.

It Teaches Presentation of Art

It may seem a bit distasteful to mention, but a large part of being an artist is marketing yourself and your art. While there are many artists, it is essential to stand out uniquely. Marketing presents the ticket to make this possible/

This brings us to the presentation of art. First impressions of things matter. That thing they say about not judging a book by its cover? That’s just a pipe dream. Everyone judges things by their first experiences with them. This is why everyone’s first impressions of your art should be stellar.

An art gallery gives you the chance to observe the way art should be showcased. Poorly presented works of art will not attract buyers at all, which can negatively impact the artist. Emerging painters, sculptors, and photographers can learn to hang and present their original artworks for sale by observing how works are hung and located within the gallery space. Also, artists can ask questions and get pointers about art showcasing in art galleries for artists.

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It Teaches Emerging Artists How to Talk About Their Art

A challenge for emerging artists is talking about, writing about, or describing their art. But this is one of the most vital things an emerging artist must be able to do. They must speak for their craft before reaching the level where their art and reputation speak for themselves.

Art galleries can significantly help them with this. The art exhibition catalogs contain descriptions of artworks by the artist and essays by art scholars. Emerging artists can follow the examples in the catalogs to write captivating artist statements, solid headlines and describe their artwork and inspiration.

This is an essential element in art marketing. For artists who struggle with writing about their art and practice or expressing what they want to communicate through their art, visiting an art gallery and getting a catalog can be an essential guide.

Teaches About the Fascinating History of the Artworks

Viewing something, especially something as emotional and expressive as art, will not be complete if the past is not examined. What inspired the work? What did the artist feel when they created the work? Was he sad? Happy? Bored? Knowing this can give one a unique view of the work.

Art galleries, in showcasing a work, can also showcase its history. It could be individual, cultural, or collective history. For instance, the artwork may help explain the social and political climate when the artwork was made. It may provide information about the people living in that period. It can help express a cause, displeasure, sort of, and other emotions. The point is that the art showed the artist’s view of the world when they lived.

This historical perspective can help spark a deeper appreciation for that work and inspire emerging artists in different ways.


Finally, going to art galleries is vital for emerging artists as it can teach them many different things about art and being an artist. This article has explored four solid reasons artists will benefit from visiting art galleries. 

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