We all need a holiday now and then to recharge our life batteries and if you have been working hard since the start of the year, a luxury holiday is just what the doctor ordered. Most people’s idea of a luxury holiday includes a tropical location and 5-star service, and with that in mind, here are a few cool holiday ideas to whet your appetite.

The Maldives

What could be better than booking one of the luxury Maldives private villas, where you have your own chef and bartender? Check out the amazing range of luxury waterside villas in this tropical paradise and book the weeks that fit with your busy schedule. Lounging by the pool with your favorite cocktail, while checking your social media pages and ordering your favorite dishes has got to be good! The water sports are awesome and you can drive over the best reefs and watch the colorful marine life.

Luxury cruise to Antarctica

See the unspoilt beauty of Antarctica with a 3-week all-inclusive cruise on a luxury liner. Experience the amazing penguins and walls of ice that rise from the ocean and observe humpback whales going about their business. You are limited to the summer months to visit the South Pole region, but there are several tour operators that run cruises to this amazing part of the world.

5-Star Luxury Spa in Thailand

Why not splash out on a soothing 3-week stay at a top spa in Thailand? You can go through a short detox program and practice yoga in the early mornings while enjoying oil massages at the end of the day. There are some great jungle activities to keep you amused like bathing with the elephants at a nearby elephant sanctuary; search online for a list of top-rated spa resorts that are based in the north of Thailand and book your place in paradise. Click here for tips on yoga training.

Luxury safari in Namibia

If you have yet to set eyes on the big 5, now is the time to book a safari in Namibia; this amazing country has a long coastline so you can combine the National Parks with some beach time. You have your own English-speaking guide who knows where all the wildlife likes to hang out; make sure you have lots of digital memory for some memorable stills and video clips. There are free resources online to acquaint you with the wonders of Namibia and seeing the African wildlife in its natural habitat is on everyone’s bucket list.

Trekking in Peru

If you are an active person and lounging by the pool isn’t your idea of a good time, why not explore the Andes Mountains with a guided trek? One of the most beautiful parts of the world that are often overlooked by western tourists; a Google search will put you in touch with a leading tour operator that specializes in Andes treks.

Whether you opt for The Maldives, Namibia, or Peru, do check the entry requirements before booking your holiday.

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