A very important element of managing fleets is to keep them safe, not only from untimely damage and accidents but also from theft. 

Be it in your garage or on the road; you never know who has got eyes for your vehicle. 

But thankfully, the time has changed, and you have fleet management apps at your disposal. They come with various features, including dashcam trucks, vehicle tracking software. 

GPS Truck Tracker, fuel tracking system, etc. These tools, when combined, offer a great defense against any problem to the vehicle. 

Since theft is a major problem for vehicles, it is essential that, as the manager, you encourage the use of GPS truck tracker software in your vehicles. 

It can be advantageous in many ways. This article talks all about GPS tracking software and how you can stop vehicle theft with its use.

Ways GPS Helps in Stopping Vehicle Theft

There are several ways in which you can use GPS against vehicle theft.


It is a feature of GPS transport management software that you can install a virtual fence for your trucks. It involves setting boundaries to a particular area so that if the vehicle crosses the boundary, you are alerted via mail or message. 

This boundary can be as short as a street, or as big as a whole country. It depends greatly on where you serve. The advantage of this feature is that you are alerted if the vehicle crosses the boundary. 

You can call the driver, and if they are not driving the vehicle at the moment, you can trace it at the earliest. Also, if the vehicle has been stolen and you don’t get an alert, the vehicle is still in an area that is easy to track. 

Real-Time Tracking

It is the feature that keeps you informed about the vehicle’s whereabouts. It keeps sending you real-time data based on which you can instruct or question the driver. 

This feature is also very helpful in keeping track of stolen vehicles. As you assign jobs to your drivers, you know their routes. 

After fleet management apps also offer route optimization. If you see any vehicle going off track, you can always call the driver and ascertain if the vehicle has been stolen.

Disabling Ignition 

Some GPS truck trackers also offer the feature that they disable the ignition if the system suspects a problem or detects any abnormal activity. It happens when the vehicle detects jamming. The starter comes into play and blocks the ignition. This way, your vehicle won’t start, and thieves will leave it alone.

Alarm System

Every vehicle comes equipped with an alarm system, a great way to alert the vehicle owner. But since these alarms are a part of the car, thieves have got their ways around them. 

They know how to disable them and carry on the theft. Thus, GPS systems have an additional alarm, which blares out when any unusual activity is detected.

These features, when combined, can make a protective shield for your fleet against thieves. As a manager, it becomes your responsibility to install GPS in every vehicle of the fleet. 

Can A GPS Be Removed? How to Stop It?

Today, even thieves have become tech-savvy. They know about GPS and will try to dismantle it. But is it possible to stop them from doing so? Yes, it is.  

Here are some ways to stop your GPS from being stolen. 

  • Keep it as hidden as possible. Thieves will probably look at the dashboard and, after a while, give up. The longer it takes for them to find it and understand it, the better it is. The system may detect any unusual activity and send you alerts.
  • Install two GPS. Yes, it might not look like an ideal solution, but install two of them if you are adamant about your car not being stolen.  So, if one GPS is detected by thieves and dismantled, the other one will abide by its duty.
  • Install a GPS truck tracker with backup power. Sometimes thieves choose to cut the power before touching a car. The alarm system will still go off and alert you in such a case. 
  • Install an anti-demolition GPS, making it harder for the thieves to dismantle it.

Removing a GPS is not a big deal, and thieves know it. Thus, you must get it installed in a place where it is not visible prima facie.

Final Words

Fleet management apps have made it easier for managers to keep an eye on vehicles 24*7. 

However, they can’t sit around the computer screen and track every vehicle, which is made possible by alarm systems. 

GPS truck tracker software is a technology that should be installed in every vehicle to prevent thefts, and if not prevented, detect them at the earliest.  

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