For the longest time, the businesses have been packaging their products with a basic strapping or rather a non-printed strapping. Sure, you are fine with the strapping materials that are suitable for containing the products properly. However, if you are trying to check out other methods of branding the product’s secondary or primary packaging since containers don’t have any labeling, we are here to help.  

On the other hand, there are chances that you are a beginner when it comes down to strapping material and needs something that contains the products and ensures proper branding without the implementation of labeling. In addition, there are chances that you don’t have the essential machinery to optimize the application of strapping. Not to forget, you could be searching for protective packaging. 

In the majority of cases, the brands look for protective packaging to make sure the products are secure and can be re-strapped. Irrespective of the reasons behind your search for printed strapping, you must be wondering if printed strapping is the ideal choice to meet unique packaging needs. There are chances that you’ve been looking for information about specialized printed strapping. 

So, if you are nodding to these points, we are sharing everything you must know about printed strapping, including the primary concept, benefits, applications, and more. So, are you ready to check out the details?

The Concept Behind Printed Strapping 

Just like the non-printed strapping, printed strapping is defined as the rope-like and thin packaging material that comes in the wounded form. When it comes down to the material, printed strapping is made from steel, polyester, or polypropylene. The strapping materials are widely used for bundling the products and palletizing the products for transportation and shipping purposes. Irrespective of which strapping you are using, it is wrapped around the business products and it’s contained with the help of a strapping machine. Not to forget, it can be tightened up with the hand strapper, which is also termed the tensioner. 

Benefits of Using Printed Strapping 

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to ensure the right containing the products or want a unique way of curating brand image, printed strapping seems to be the most suitable choice. However, if you need more details about the benefits of using printed strapping, we are sharing them in the section below. With the following benefits, you will be able to determine if printed strapping is enough to meet your packaging needs!

Improved Protection on Packaging 

Whenever we think of protective packaging, strapping is not the most suitable and preferred choice that pops into mind. With the non-printed strapping, that’s quite a fair thought. On the other hand, printed strapping is a great form of protective packaging material that helps protect the products throughout the supply chain and curate the high-end brand image and customer experience. This is basically because the printed strapping will enhance product protection and security. 

That’s to mention because it can indicate if the strapping was tampered with and if it was re-strapped by someone with an intent to mask the tampering. That being said, if your strapped products have regular strapping, it will show off that the original strapping was removed. As a result, you will know that products are safe for sending into the market for selling purposes. 

Improved Branding Capacity 

When it comes down to product-based businesses, there are some products that can negate the utilization of external packaging, such as cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes (not to forget, the compressed bundles). In such cases, it’s not really possible for you to mark the products. On the other hand, with the help of printed strapping, the businesses can brand the products with the brand name, logo, tag line, and other relevant information. Even more, there are cases when the strapped containers have visual graphics or other aesthetic elements. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that strapping materials can help the parcels create a stand-out appearance. 

Delivery of Product Information 

This is another benefit of printed strapping with which the brands show off the product information. This is because the product information can be printed on the strapping, including the brand details. In addition, it entails handling instructions, content descriptions, warnings, and additional relevant data regarding the package’s opening, transporting, shipping, and handling to ensure the end customer experience is optimized. 

Is It Fine to Use Printed Strapping for Your Brand Products?

Now that we have shared the benefits of using printed strapping, you must be wondering if it’s still a reliable choice for your brand products. So, if you want to determine if printed strapping is suitable for your brand products or not, answering the below-mentioned questions will help;

  • Can your products negate the utilization of external packaging? If your answer is yes, it is better to use printed strapping
  • Do your products demand additional security as compared to the current secondary and primary packaging? If your answer is yes, you can use printed strapping 
  • Are you trying to improve the protective nature of the product packaging? If your answer is yes, printed strapping is a suitable choice 
  • Are you searching for plastic packaging alternatives for the brand products? If your answer is yes, you should not opt for printed strapping 
  • Do you need to add additional product details while using an external container? If your answer is yes, opting for printed strapping makes a promising choice 

Wrapping It Up 

It doesn’t matter which strapping you are using, it’s essential to understand that every strapping is prone to issues. In the majority of cases, the strapping can fail if it’s not applied properly. For this reason, when you are using the strapping, make sure that you ensure on-point application and be precise about caring for the strapping. Even more, you must be aware of the fact that there are different materials available in printed strapping, so which one are you going to use for packing your custom brand packaging? In case you are confused about anything, just get in touch with WeCustomBoxes and they will handle everything for you!

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