Real estate is a booming business in this city, and the number of spaces that open their doors to entrepreneurs is increasing daily. There are many local players, but there is also space for international ones like ARCC Spaces. Started by Goh Yew Lin and Michel Daher, the co-founders of coworking space Maluri, it’s located on Jalan Tun Razak right next door to [co-working space].

Development of the property started in 2014 and was completed in June 2016. The property is a redevelopment, and some of its parts used to belong to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). The venue occupies 4 floors, with 3 co-working spaces on the ground floor. There is a 3-room office space on the second floor and a meeting room for prospective clients on the third floor.

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The amount of people occupying these spaces fluctuates between 20 and 30 weekly. Besides entrepreneurs, some freelancers use this as their office as well. There is no compulsory membership fee to use ARCC Spaces, but clients are required to sign a 3-month contract. The tenants pay by the hour (RM20/hr) and everyone who works there is supposed to be productive.

ARCC Spaces focuses on providing a home for people who are tired of working from the coffee shop or their rooms. Great attention has been given to ensuring coworking spaces in KL are ideal for networking and business. There are several kinds of ARCC Spaces, which cater to different kinds of people.

The main coworking space, the ARCC Clubhouse is situated in Ampang. The clubhouse has an old-fashioned feel that makes it easy to focus on your work. The ground floor consists mostly of study rooms, a library, and a kitchen. The second floor consists of meeting rooms, a training room, and the ARCC Cafe. The third floor houses private offices for rent, as well as themed rooms such as the “Starbucks Room” and “Phone Booth”. There is also a rooftop garden and terrace that overlooks Kuala Lumpur city.

The second type of space, ARCC Space, is a location-based coworking space. This means that people who travel frequently can use them as their home base to work from. Since each ARCC Space is located in a major city, it’s easy for members to stay nearby and still have the office feeling during travels. They also provide services such as a mobile cart that will bring your coffee to you.

The third type of space is the ARCC Clubhouse which is a co-living space. These spaces also offer private rooms for rent, but they are focused on providing more than just a place to sleep at night. Services such as weekly cleaning and washing services reduce some of the burdens that living alone entails. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price, so cooking is not required.

The ARCC coworking space in the KL team also plans activities throughout the month to allow members to get to know each other better. Even though they are coworking spaces, ARCC Spaces manages to keep everyone feeling like family.

-ARCC Spaces provides a place for people to work in KL

-The clubhouses are the most common type of space, with one located in Ampang. The clubhouse has a library, rooftop garden, kitchen, and training room

-ARCC Spaces also provides co-living spaces that provide members with many amenities

-The ARCC Spaces team plans activities so members can get to know each other

-ARCC Spaces provides a home for people who are tired of working from the coffee shop or their rooms.

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