When it comes to expressing feelings, few things are more universal than the power of flowers. And in Singapore, where fresh flowers are notoriously expensive, preserving flowers has become a popular alternative. Flower preservation is a great way to save money on flowers. It might seem like a small expense at first, but trust us – it’s worth it! With preserved flowers, you can enjoy flowers for a much lower price. The next time you want to send flowers to someone but don’t want to spend much money, look no further than this list of affordable preserved flowers in Singapore.

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What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of flowers without breaking the bank. Preserved flowers are created by preserving fresh-cut flowers in a liquid solution that can last up to two years! The process is simple:

1. Choose your favorite preserved flower from our website

2. Place your order online

3. We’ll deliver it straight to your door!

Preserved plants are the way to go when you want to send flowers!

Serena Bouquet

This preserved plant bouquet features the following flowers: white gerbera daisy, pink gerbera daisy, white phalaenopsis orchid, and green hypericum.

Juliana Bouquet

This bouquet features a variety of colors to offer a luxurious look. This is perfect for the person who loves lots of flowers or celebrates a special event.

Inez Bouquet

For those looking for a small bouquet, Inez Bouquet is perfect. You can find preserved roses starting at $3.20 (SGD). This flower preservation company offers flowers in many colors and arrangements. They also have beautiful kits with preserved flowers, making it perfect for anyone who wants to send flowers but doesn’t know what kind of arrangement they want to send.

Heather Bouquet For the Classy, Modern Woman:

The heather bouquet is a lovely arrangement of preserved flowers perfect for a formal occasion. With roses in various shades, greens, and touches of gold, this bouquet is a sophisticated arrangement that will suit any event.

Penelope Bouquet

Penelope Bouquet is a Singaporean company that sells preserved flowers. Until the end of June, you can buy these flowers for $6.90 per pack. The best part about this deal? A pack contains approximately 20-30 stems of flowers!

Graduation Bear Bouquet II

It’s graduation season, and there’s nothing more thoughtful than sending a bouquet to congratulate someone on their accomplishment. This bouquet is perfect because it features a variety of colors that accent any graduate’s attire. The bunch includes roses, carnations, lilies, and chrysanthemums. Preserved flowers are the perfect gift for any time of year – whether it be Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Juliette’s Preserved Flowers

Juliette’s is a flower preservation company that specializes in preserving flowers. Their goal is to allow people to send preserved flowers as a gift without breaking the bank. They offer preserved roses, preserved lilies, and more. Preserved roses are one of their most popular items because they can be used for any occasion: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because! This means you can send preserved roses for the price of a bouquet of fresh roses!


Preserved flowers, also known as artificial flowers, are not what they seem. These flowers are made from various materials, including silk, paper, cotton, and plastic. These materials are then dyed and shaped to resemble flowers. In Singapore, The Bouquet People offers a variety of preserved bouquets for all occasions and budgets.

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