The winter has come, and it’s time to add practical, comfortable, and beautiful thermo underwear to your wardrobe if you haven’t done it before. This functional clothing replaces bulky and heavy warm clothes, eliminates the need for layered outfits, it doesn’t weigh body and image, and provides a comfortable feeling at any temperature, humidity, and activity. 

The unique thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking properties of thermal underwear are especially useful for adults and children who lead an active life, change several activities during the day, and are constantly on the move. In non-stop mode, there’s no room for a cold body or perspiration dripping down the back. But in fact, thermal underwear is essential for everyone who appreciates comfort, convenience, and cozy warmth takes care of their health, and doesn’t give up on planned activities despite the weather. You can even wear thermo underwear at home, watch films or gamble on a real money gambling platform, bake or make some other things. But what to consider if you want to choose an appropriate thermo underwear for you?

Choosing the Thermo Underwear of a Right Material

Similar to winter swimsuits, the material of thermo underwear is one of the main selection criteria. All other parameters of this functional clothing will not matter if it cannot perform its task because of an improperly chosen composition. A single answer to the question of what material is better thermal underwear is impossible. For each kind of activity, for different operation conditions, the recommended composition of fibers will be different.

Today, thermal underwear is used both by children and adults for everyday wear, it is worn by sportsmen in all seasons, it is widely used by hunters, tourists, and fishermen. And there are certain functions of the selected underwear. Of natural materials for thermal underwear, the most popular are wool (merino, camel, sheep), silk, and cotton. The choice of synthetic fabrics is very wide: it is polyester and its derivatives, nylon, lycra, elastane, and new technological materials, which are often unique developments of a particular company manufacturer.

The wool thermo underwear warms well and provides comfort in cold weather, can absorb moisture, but not as strongly as synthetics. Merino wool is the wool with the best water absorption properties. In general, wool performs best in dry and cold weather with little or no exercise.

Cotton thermo underwear is pleasant to wear, absorbs odors, and is therefore washed less often than synthetic underwear. Cotton underwear with added cotton qualities performs best in light-duty everyday wear.

Synthetics are increasingly being used as the basis for functional garments. Synthetics draw moisture away from the skin, distribute it over the surface evaporate it more efficiently than other materials, dry much faster than natural fibers. However, synthetic fibers have a low thermal conductivity, so they do not become warm, and the synthetic thermo underwear can absorb unpleasant odors and should be washed after each use;

The polyamide in the thermal underwear provides extra softness and lightness; the addition of polypropylene enhances its ability to drain and evaporate moisture quickly. Elastane makes it more elastic and resistant to wear, so the garment retains its shape even after several items of washing. So, each material has its distinctive features. 

And there are some general criteria for choosing thermo underwear materials and their combinations: full synthetic or thermo underwear with a minimum wool content is good for active sports, and wool and cotton are better for everyday wear. 


Of course, there is no ideal formula for thermal underwear with a choice of composition for all occasions. The closest you can come to it is functional apparel with a combined composition. And one of the best solutions could be to have a basic set of thermo underwear for everyday wear and active sports. And don’t forget about the proper care – with proper care (and you do not have to wash them every day), things will last much longer than usual underwear without loss of form and aesthetics, saving the family budget and making your winter cozy and comfortable!

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