Virtual Private server renders the web hosting platform that serves a blend of both dedicated and shared servers. The VPS hosting basically simulates the dedicated server environment. However, this is done within a physical shared server. The VPS hosting provider partitions the physical server into multiple segments by employing ‘Hypervisor’ software. These segments are what come out as virtual private servers and get allocated to distinct users. 

The virtual private server has become a famous hosting choice for many website owners. This is because it is cheaper than dedicated server hosting and more reliable than shared server hosting. Also, users can obtain most of the privileges of a dedicated server environment with the best VPS hosting in India. 

Further, you can find that there are two leading kinds of VPS based on the different operating systems – Linux VPS hosting India and Windows VPS hosting India. 

In this article, you will obtain insights into how Windows VPS hosting India can be highly beneficial for your website. At the same time, you will get to know about the details of the Serverwala web hosting company that renders the cheapest and best Windows VPS hosting in India. 

Why Choose Windows VPS Hosting India? 

The Windows VPS hosting India involves a Windows operating system at the base of your server. Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation, so users need licensing for its usage. Generally, the windows servers are secure and provide intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). One needs to reboot the windows server for every minor patch, software update, or driver.

The Windows VPS is an absolute choice when it comes to supporting Windows-specific applications, such as MS Access,, MySQL, ASP Classic, C#, VB Development, etc. You will get the effective Plesk control panel that provides a highly user-friendly interface. Moreover, the other benefit of Windows VPS hosting India is you will have assistance through the IT support team of Microsoft.

Serverwala Provides Affordable Windows VPS Hosting India

Serverwala web hosting company is one of the industry-leading and renowned organizations worldwide. The company aims to provide all the data center solutions that its clients require. Further, it is also popular for rendering the most affordable Windows virtual private server with excellent hosting facilities. With the company’s Windows VPS hosting India, you can have the opportunity to enable your website to deliver seamless performance. Below are some of the essential features that you can obtain for your website with the company’s Windows VPS hosting service –

Complete Root Access

You will get full root access to your virtual private server. The root control will enable you to operate your Windows VPS without any limitations or constraints. Also, you will get the chance to run the preferred operating system and applications.

DDoS Protection

The Serverwala Windows VPS hosting India provides advanced data security features to your website. Your website will acquire DDoS protection with ultra-secure firewalls of the server. Also, your system will have the ability to automatically recognize and fix all the incoming spiteful menaces.

1 GBPS Network Speed

The company renders secure connections and the highest connectivity with its Windows VPS hosting India. With this, your website will acquire a twenty-times faster connectivity experience. 

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Monthly 100 TB Data Transfer

You will acquire unlimited bandwidth for your website from the Serverwala data center services. Also, with the Windows VPS hosting plans, you will have up to a 100 TB monthly data transfer rate. This will assist you in fulfilling the various necessities that come across the way of your website. 

99.9% Uptime Network

You will also get the guarantee of a 99.9% uptime network for your website. The company ensures to supply continuous redundant power so that you can have high-tech network flexibility with the Windows virtual private server hosting. 

Why Businesses are Choosing Serverwala’s VPS Hosting?

Given below are the principal reasons behind picking the Serverwala Windows VPS hosting India by numerous business owners – 

Cost Savings

Similar to the popular MilesWeb, the Windows virtual private server from Serverwala, you can save your investment even after obtaining the level of benefits one gets with dedicated server hosting. 

Improved Reliability

Serverwala’s virtual private server provides an isolated, secure, and independent hosting platform. Your website will have dedicated resources and high-level data security. All this will help you achieve high reliability with Windows VPS hosting India. 

Intensified Performance

Your website will be able to deliver intensified performance with the VPS hosting. Further, the Serverwala company makes sure to enable your website to have the highest uptime and least downtime. 

Multiple Websites Hosting

With Windows VPS hosting India, you can efficiently host more than one website on your server. You can scale up and customize your server based on your business website requirements. 

Check Out the Budget-Friendly Plans and Prices

Serverwala company provides a great list of different cheap Windows VPS hosting India plans and packages from which you can choose the most suitable one. Each of them renders the possibility to easily and quickly scale up the hosting services and resources based on the website’s necessities. Moreover, you will have the technical expertise support from the company with both managed and unmanaged hosting plans. A team of trained professionals will always have your back and will be prompt in providing the most accessible solutions. You will be able to connect with them anytime through Phone, Email, Live Chat, WhatsApp, etc.

In a Nutshell

Windows VPS hosting India provides all the privileges from easy accessibility, flexibility, data security to a server control, which are needed to host any website successfully. If your business demands an affordable, reliable, and most efficient hosting solution, cheap Windows VPS India should be your pick. Further, the Serverwala web hosting company ensures not to compromise with any hyper-scale hosting facility while rendering the cheapest Windows VPS hosting plans and packages. You can always communicate to the company’s professionals through its round-the-clock customer service if you have any queries or need further details about the same.

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