Being a successful goal scorer in the English Premier League is no easy task, even for established football geniuses. For example, the owner of the Ballon d’Or, Andriy Shevchenko, after moving from Milan, where he was in second place in the club’s history, to Chelsea, which took place on the eve of the striker’s 30th anniversary, was unable to adapt to the difficult conditions of the English championship and, as a result, “dissolved” in it without a trace.

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Alan Shearer – 83 goals

Alan Shearer is a true legend in English football in general and the Premier League in particular. This outstanding scorer has never played for recognized giants and spent his entire career in the clubs of the simpler status – Southampton, Blackburn, and Newcastle. Time in the camp of “tramps” turned out to be golden for him in every sense of the word because Alan not only scored a lot but also became the champion of the Premier League in 1995.

At the age of 26, Shearer left for Newcastle, where he spent the next ten years of his career, until its completion. It was in the camp of “forty” that Alan hit 84 goals after reaching his 30th birthday, being the third in our today’s rating. All in all, Shearer scored 260 goals in the Premier League, making him the tournament’s best goalscorer in its history. Wayne Rooney was approaching Alan’s performance, however, having hammered 193 goals, he was forced to retire, being the second in the list of top scorers in the Premier League.

Ian Wright – 93 goals

For many years, Ian Wright was the Premier League record holder among the players who scored the most goals after turning 30. At the age of 27, Wright moved to Arsenal, where he spent the next seven years of his career, including building the basic basis for the ranking we are considering.

For a long time, it was Ian who was the key scorer off the Gunners, which helped him bypass the legendary Cliff Bastin, who played in the 1920s and 1940s and for many decades was the best sniper of Arsenal in history (178 goals). Wright scored 185 goals in a Londoners’ jersey and remained at the top for almost a decade, until the phenomenal Frenchman Thierry Henry pushed him out of there, who was fully revealed at Arsenal by his compatriot Arsene Wenger.

Jamie Vardy – 93 goals

Who else could have surpassed Wright in this ranking if not the magnificent Jamie Vardy? It is worth saying that this forward made his debut in the Premier League very late – at 27 years 7 months and 20 days. Hardly anyone then would have thought that Vardy would be such an iconic figure not only for Leicester but for the entire league.

In the 2015/16 season, which became a sensational league title for Leicester, it was Jamie Vardy with 24 goals scored to be the Premier League’s best goalscorer. This remains his best record in the league to this day, although in the 2019/20 season he came close to him, scoring 23 goals against opponents, which again ensured Jamie victory in the scorers’ dispute. Still, Leicester himself finished only fifth.

Considering that Vardi revealed himself very late, it is not surprising that the bulk of his heads fell on “the age of a little over thirty.” This season, in particular, Jamie has already scored 9 goals on his account, and his second goal against Watford (4: 2), scored in Fox’s home game on November 28, allowed Vardy to catch up with the great Ian Wright in the ranking of the top scorers-veterans of the Premier League.

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