We all encounter issues with our AT&T email account but very few of us are aware of the right ways to combat the AT&T email problems for a timely recovery. Henceforth, we have designed a guide that consists of 5 major solutions to fox AT&T email issues in no matter of time.

We have included:

Solution 1: Check AT&T Mail Account Limits and Settings

If you are not following the limit prescribed by AT&T, you are likely to face issues with AT&T email. If you are not providing every little detail required, you will get into trouble and end up having AT&T email issues. 

  1. The emails you are sending should meet the maximum sending limit and if you are exceeding the limit, you won’t be able to send the message. 
  1. If the message delivery is failed or you find a pop-up stating “Problem found- Message not sent”, make sure you go through the email address of the recipient. 
  1. You can try signing-out and signing-in to ATT again. This method might not sound very convincing, but it can act as a helpful way to deal with AT&T email problems.
  1. In case you are not able to receive AT&T emails, there are chances that emails are landing in the Spam folder. So, if the emails you are receiving are not landing in Inbox, they can be stored in a different folder.
  1. If you can’t send or receive emails, you can try checking the factors listed below:
    • Blocked email address: The email address of the sender or recipient could be blocked.
    • Filters: The email filters can be restricting you from receiving messages or emails might save into a different folder than the Inbox.
  1. The important thing is to check whether your AT&T email account has been hacked as this is the biggest concern for the AT&T email account issues. Signs of a hacked account are as follow:
    • Missing emails
    • Receiving from your own ID.
    • An issue with your Display name
    • Spam or alien emails in your inbox and sent folder.

How to Recover Hacked ATT Email Account?

If you find that your account has been hacked, try the steps given below to recover your AT&T email account password.

  1.  Go to AT&T email sign-in page.
  2. Click on “Forgot Password
  1. Provide your “Contact email” and fill in the CAPTCHA and then click Continue.
  1. Click Continue
  2. Now, select a method to prove your identity using your email address, phone number, or “Security Question” and “Temporary Password”. 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and recover your password.

Solution 2: Verify AT&T Email Settings

There is no way you can ignore settings on AT&T. Therefore if you don’t have the email settings configured on your third-party clients, iPhone, or Android device, you are likely to face a wide range of issues with the AT&T email account. The correct set of AT&T email settings are:

Email protocolInbound serverInbound portSSLOutbound serverOutbound port
IMAPimap.mail.att.net993Yessmtp.mail.att.net465 or 587

Solution 3: Fix Internet Connectivity or Browser Issues

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet when you are using the AT&T email service. You can even try fixing the problems with the router or other platforms that are being used by your device during the mailing session.
  2. The browser should be clean when you are trying to access AT&T webmail.
  3. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled and updated, you can check it through the settings menu.
  4. If your browser has some add-ons, and extensions that can create issues, you can remove or disable such programs to deal with the AT&T email problems.
  5. Do not forget to enable Adobe Flash Player.
  6. Sometimes disabling the anti-virus, firewall, and other security programs can do the trick.

Solution 4: Fix AT&T Email App Issues

Important Note: Lately, AT&T has updated its security protocol, and hence it is required to update the AT&T security using the methods given here below:

  1. First, make sure that you have an active internet connection in order to achieve a successful upgrade of security.
  2. Start by cleaning the Outbox folder, as it should be completely empty if you are dealing with sign-in issues.
  3. the error codes should be fixed on an immediate basis so that they can not affect the overall performance of the AT&T email app.
  4. Check the AT&T server status in your area.
  5. Try to fix the email settings for your AT&T account.

Solution 5: Get Rid of AT&T Sign-In Issues

Password is Not Applicable on Your Smartphone

If you have recently made changes with the password of your AT&T email account using a browser, you need to update the same password on your mobile as well. Or else, you would not be able to access your AT&T account and end up having AT&T log-in issues.

Your User-id and Password is Not Matching

It is very important to enter the correct set of email id/User ID and password, in order to achieve an error-free experience. So, take care of caps lock and num lock and make sure that you have the updated recovery methods available for an easy resetting of the password while having AT&T sign-in issues.

Deactivated or Disabled AT&T Email Account

If you have recently fallen into the radar of AT&T bot for performing an unethical activity or your account has been the target of hackers, AT&T will disable your account temporarily. Therefore, one must consider recovering the disabled AT&T email account for smooth functioning.

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