Have you ever experienced the struggle while signing-in to an AT&T email account? It is not only frustrating but nerve-wracking too. A layman may not be able to figure the way out of such issues, and thus we have created a 101 guide that will cater to all your questions and queries. Along with the list of issues, and reasons, we have also provided the best solutions that will help you get rid of AT&T Login issues. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Are the Main AT&T Sign-in Issues?

  1. Hacked or compromised account
  2. Disable or locked account
  3. Issue with connections
  4. Black log-in screen
  5. Forgotten or lost Password 

Major Causes for AT&T Sign-in Problems

Cause 1: The poor or fluctuating internet connection 

Cause 2: The improper AT&T email settings can cause login issues.

Cause 3: Providing the wrong email credentials

Cause 4: Using the outdated or incompatible version of browser.

Cause 5: The server downtime of AT&T email.

Cause 6: The outdated version of AT&T app.

Cause 7: Interference of Firewall and antivirus.

Cause 8: Hacked password or disabled AT&T account.

Caused 9: Failure of AT&T two-step authentication. 

Solutions to AT&T Email Issues

Solution 1: Server Problems

Server is what keeps your email account activities going on. If there is a problem with the server of AT&T services, you won’t be able to log-in to your account. If you want to check the status of AT&T server, there are many sites that can help, one of them is Downdetector, click on https://downdetector.com/status/att/

If there is no issue, try other solutions but if the service status seems to be having issues, all you can do is to wait. 

Solution 2:  Internet Problems

Internet connection is another driving factor that is really important for executing day to day tasks. There are chances that your internet connection is having some issues, thus we request you to fix the internet related issues, so that the smooth flow of emailing can be attained and the AT&T login issues can be avoided.

Solution 3: Incorrect Login Credentials

The incorrect login credentials are the major cause that can land you into log-in troubles. So, make sure that you cross check the user ID and password while you are signing-in. By entering the wrong credentials in a repetitive manner can also cause locked AT&T email account.

Solution 4: Using Incompatible Browser

Outdated browsers are a big NO, if you are using AT&T browser based services. Also, if your browser is not compatible with AT&T, this can be another cause that is giving you trouble in signing-in. 

The next thing that matters is the disappearance of the “sign-in” button, so make sure that AT&T login page is free from all errors. Therefore, we suggest you clear the cache, cookies, and history from the browser.

Solution 5: Security Programs

Firewall or antivirus are meant to add a layer of security on your device to give you a protected experience. But such software can interfere in the functioning of AT&T email services and keep you from signing-in. It is advised that you temporarily terminate such programs and adjust the firewall settings which are not letting you open an AT&T email account.

Solution 6: Troubleshoot Virus and Malware 

If your device is struggling with virus and malware problems, you won’t be able to use web based services such as AT&T and more. Therefore, you need to run an antivirus scan to remove the malware, virus, and spyware.  The same way if your account has been hacked, it is also needed to reset or recover your account password to resolve the problem and regain your AT&T email account authority.

Solution 7: Outdated AT&T Mail App

AT&T email applications are becoming need of the hour. But, one needs to be extra careful with the applications as they need frequent updates. Updating the mail app issues is very crucial to avoid the sign-in issues. 

Solution 8: Improper Configuration of IMAP/SMTP Settings

Without the proper configuration of Email settings, AT&T won’t work on android, iPhone and third-party clients. So, re-check all the configuration settings and make sure they match with the below-listed ones:

Mail protocolInbound serverInbound portSSLOutbound serverOutbound port
IMAPimap.mail.att.net993Yessmtp.mail.att.net465 or 587

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