It is right to say that social media apps and website browsers are controlling human lives. The main function of these social apps is to link people and provide them quick access to the latest updates. But sadly, many people are becoming snowbirds of these social apps, scrolling and surfing for hours and hours and checking updated news feeds or others’ profiles. This is why it is important for one to plan their social media activities, be it for personal or professional use.

Social media, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram are “online social units” of internet users with the same concerns. Members of the social units create a “profile” that provides some personal information to other users. Once members have joined the system, they can communicate messages and calls and share photos and videos.

The excess of online predators and scammers has damaged the mental health of many kids and teens. Usually, teens are unaware that these hackers can catch them and make them their prey because they cannot detect their malicious contents. 

Around 4.55 billion humans globally use social media. In addition, 400 million new users have registered on social media within a year. 

Parents are much more concerned about the security and protection of their children. Some decades ago, it was enough to teach kids moral values and limitations, but nowadays, they are free to use mobiles and social apps that are causing severe damage to their health and causing mental issues. So, concerned parents are looking for a better solution to enhance the productivity and security of their children. 

Dangers Associated with Social Media:

Social media is linked with various dangers regarding kids’ and teens’ physical, emotional, and mental health, and it also damages many other domains of life. Precisely, an investigation reveals some dangers of excessive use of social media, and that is given below:

  • Stress
  • Pressure 
  • Nervous weariness 
  • Depression
  • Isolation 
  • Jealousy and envy.
  • Weak self-esteem 
  • Less time to sleep 
  • Health issues
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Intrusion of privacy 
  • Access to objectionable content
  • Obsession of social media
  • Mis-information 

These dangers have been discovered in various social media applications, such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Why Do You Need to Spy on Social Apps Conversations?

There are many reasons to spy on social media conversations, such as, 

Parental Monitoring:

Children have access to smart devices at a very young age, which causes them to become victims of online predators and scammers. So, by spying on your target device, social media conversations will support you to find with whom they are chatting, whom they are in touch with, or are having unpleasant discussions.

Employee Activity Checks:

Employers should monitor their workers to know what they are doing in their absences. In addition, watching them would help you identify their behavior towards others. For example, are they causing any damage to your company, or are their hard work constructing your company to the heights. 

Further, you can monitor employees’ arrival and departure timings and can check all activities during working hours. 

Identify Spouse Loyalty:

People who are skeptical of their spouses also find it helpful to spy on their partner’s social media chats. This is because social media chats hold much information regarding their interests and whether they are loyal or dishonest with you.

How to Spy on Social Media?

Social media is a widely used platform for communicating and making new relationships. But it has some unfortunate impacts on human life as well. Just like it can destroy the mental health and peace of a person. Many kids and teens worldwide have personal mobile phones, and they have an easy approach to all the social platforms and websites. There are two possible ways to spy on kids’ or teens’ phones.

  1. A conventional way
  2. A modern way

A Conventional Way – Physical Access:

The conventional way of checking someone’s mobile has many disadvantages. As you can only check someone’s phone when they allow you or you have access to their password. Other than this, there is no other way to monitor the mobile phones of someone you want, which isn’t a reliable way. 

A Modern Way – Remote Access:

The most advanced way to spy on someone is through remote access provided by the spy apps. Nowadays, social media monitoring apps are possibly the most successful way to find social network details, usage, call logs, or messages history. Therefore, parents who are curious to know what their children are doing on their cell phones and social apps must consider social media monitoring apps. It helps you discover the locations of the target device. Furthermore, you can restrict, control the app usage, or block the app you may find offensive on your target device.

An excellent social media monitoring app must be a

  • Facebook spy app 
  • WhatsApp spy app
  • Snapchat spy app
  • Instagram spy app

TheWiSpy – Social Media Monitoring App:

Are you tired of checking your kid’s mobile manually? Or unable to find anything that you may find offensive? If you want an easy remote way to monitor your kids, social media apps, you have come to the right place. TheWiSpy is the most advanced app that permits you to monitor your teens’ routinely mobile activities. In addition, you can get all the data stored on your target device as social media platforms and many more. Everybody has a reason for spying on someone; mainly, parents are more curious to find what their kids are doing. TWS is compatible with all Android devices 4.0 and following. Moreover, it offers cheap price plans for parental monitoring. 

How to Acquire a License to spy on the Target Device?

Step 1:

  1. Open TheWiSpy website 
  2. Get your registration for an account done.
  3. Buy the license. 
  4. Step up further process.

Step 2:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources and click on ‘OK’.
  2. Go to “Settings > Security > Google Play Protect”.
  3. Turn off “Improve-Harmful-App-Detection.”
  4. Fix “TheWiSpy App”.

Step 3:

  1. Proceed to the dashboard.
  2. Go to the features menu. 
  3. Select imperative features. 
  4. Start spying on your target devices.

Price Plans of TheWiSpy:

 It has three different packages for spying:


  • 1-month – $19.99.
  • 3-months – $29.99.
  • 6-months – $49.99.


  • 1 month – $ 29.99.
  •  3-months – $49.99.
  •  6-months – $79.99.


  • 1-month – $49.99.
  • 3-months – $79.99.
  • 6-months – $119.99.


Social Media Monitoring

Facebook Spy App:

Facebook is a widespread social media application that has many users globally. Kids and teens are addicted to this app as it offers a different way to communicate. Children can spend all day long on this app. The TheWiSpy Facebook spy app enables parents to ensure that their kids are safe and away from online predators. 

WhatsApp Spy App:

It is considered a primary way to communicate and share personal data and information these days. Kids are chatting with their friends and strangers through WhatsApp. TWS has introduced a WhatsApp spy app for Android to spy on the WhatsApp activities of the target device. You can view and read all the messages history as well.  

Snapchat Spy App:

Snapchat is used as a fundamental app for photo and videos sharing. It has many advanced features such as “hide the conversations” or vanish mode, but TWS has tackled the issue and provided full security and protection of kids through the Snapchat spy app. 

Instagram Spy App:

The social app has crossed millions of registered users. Instagram has gained popularity with its different features that offer its users a wide variety of chatting options, including vanish mode chats, a view once option for chats, etc. The Instagram spy app has been considered as the most reliable feature offered by a spy app. It lets you spy on your target device and obtain all the conversation history through the online control panel. Furthermore, it allows you to view the newsfeed and call logs of Instagram.


Overall, social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are connected with various issues. These include physical, emotional, and mental problems. For example, a spy app assists you to spy on your kids and teens through its multi-functioning features.

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