Google’s Gmail service is without any doubt the most popular web-based email service across the globe and at the same time, Outlook is the most preferred email client. However, despite that, when users sync Gmail and Outlook together, the common issue faced by most of them is none other than Outlook not syncing with Gmail properly or vice-versa. 

Having said that, if you’re also the one who is currently experiencing this issue and wondering why is my email not syncing in Outlook (especially the 2013 version) then, this following post will explain not only the reason but also the respective solution of the same.  

However, remember that, though there are no official troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue, you can surely try the below-discussed common ways to stop it. So, let’s get started—

Three Possible Reasons Why Gmail and Outlook Not Syncing?

Firstly, if you experience the “Gmail Not Syncing with Outlook” issue then, the possible reason may be that your Gmail account has not been properly configured with Outlook. 

Secondly, back before 2012, Google had launched the Google Sync & Google Calendar Sync feature to help Gmail accounts sync easily with the Outlook 2013 and Microsoft 365 application but Google discontinued the same, soon after that. However, paid-users who purchased the premium syncing service are not affected, rest others who’ve been using the free syncing services have experienced and are affected due to syncing problems by this action. 

Thirdly, if you’ve experienced sync problems, then it may be related to the KB2837618 & KB2837643 Windows Update issue as these following updates block the IMAP folder from proper syncing. 

So, considering these reasons, Microsoft has advices everyone that, the best way to resolve the encountered problem of “Unable to Sync Gmail with Outlook” is to either delete and re-add your Gmail account on Outlook or to uninstall these KB2837618 & KB2837643 Windows updates and wait for the new update to fix this issue. In addition to the same, there are also few other ways, that’s why keep aside your worries about “How do I fix sync issues in Outlook?” And instead, look upon these solutions and ways for the same—

Delete or Remove Gmail Account from Outlook

[Note: Instead of your local computer as all your Gmail account data will be saved in Google Server already, so there’s no need to take back-up of all your Gmail messages before you proceed to delete your Gmail account from Outlook.]

  • First and foremost, launch the MS Outlook application. 
  • Then, click on the “File” tab to open its menu. 
  • From the menu, select the “Account Settings” option.
  • In continuation, choose the “Manage Profiles” option inside the account settings wizard box.
  • By doing so ‘Mail Setup’ wizard box will open and inside the same, click on the “Show Profiles” option.
  • After that, from the ‘Show Profiles’ section, select your Gmail account and click right on the same.
  • Now, click on the “Remove” button from the options that appears on the screen to finally remove your configured Gmail account from Outlook.

Now, as you’ve removed your Gmail account from Outlook’s email client, you have to once again execute the same steps that you’ve earlier performed for adding your Gmail account in MS Outlook with the motive of troubleshooting the encountered problem of Gmail not syncing with Outlook! 

Re-add or Re-configure Your Gmail Account in Outlook

To do so, first you have to check whether some third-party add-ons have been enabled on your device or not! If yes then, chances are that they might be interfering with your MS Outlook program, and you have to stop them from interfering with your Outlook software by either disabling all the add-ons that are enabled or by opening Outlook in ‘Safe Window Mode’ via these 3 simple steps—

  • Launch ‘Windows Run Dialog Box’ by pressing ‘Windows logo + R key’ together for a while.
  • Inside the box that appears, enter ‘Outlook/SafeMode.exe.’  
  • And, after that, just hit the ‘Enter’ button to simply run Outlook in Safe Window Mode.

Once you’re done with this step, note that if you configure your Gmail account in Outlook or sync them together using the wrong or incorrect server settings then, you will continue experiencing the syncing issue. 

So, keep yourself handy with the following below-mentioned correct ‘Configuration Server Settings of Gmail for Outlook’ and initiate the process to re-add your Gmail account in Outlook using the guidance from this “How to Sync Gmail with Outlook” blog of ours.

Incoming ‘IMAP/POP’ Server Settings of Gmail

IMAP Mail Server SettingsPOP3 Mail Server Settings
Incoming Server Hostname – Server Hostname –
Incoming Server Port – 993Incoming Server Port – 995
SSL Encryption – YesSSL Encryption – Yes
Authentication – YesAuthentication – Yes

Outgoing SMTP Server Settings of Gmail 

Outgoing (SMTP) Gmail Server Hostname:
Outgoing (SMTP) Gmail Server Ports– 465 to use with SSL and 587 to use with TLS
Requires SSL Encryption– Yes
Requires TLS Encryption – Yes (in case, if applicable)

Gmail Account Login Information for Authentication

  • Email Address – Your Gmail account address for instance:
  • Password – Your current Gmail account password.

Uninstall KB2837618 & KB2837643 Windows Updates and Download New 

For “Windows 8.1/ 8”For “Windows 7/ Vista”
1. Press “Windows Key + X.”1. Click on the “Windows Start Menu.”
2. Select the “Control Panel” option.2. Then, type “View installed updates” in its ‘Search Box.’
3. Then, click on the “Programs” icon.3. And then, press the “Enter” button.
4. After that, hit the “View installed updates” link under “Programs and Features” category to open the list of all updates.4. After that, execute the steps from 5 to 6 inside the Windows 8.1/ 8 section.
5. From the list, uninstall these two updates:
a. Windows Update KB2837618
b. Windows Update KB2837643
6. To do so, right-click on an update and select the “Uninstall” option.——
7. In the end, just “Exit” out of the screen.——

With these aforementioned steps, you will be able to remove the concerned two updates and after uninstalling them, make sure to restart or reboot your respective Windows Operating System. 

Reset Microsoft Store Cache of Your Windows O.S.

At times, the conflict between your Outlook application and the Microsoft Store cache leads to syncing-related issues. So, you can try resetting the Microsoft Store cache to get rid of the Outlook and Gmail sync problems easily through the following steps—

  • To start, press the ‘Windows logo + R key’ together to open the ‘Window Run Dialog Box.’
  • Inside it put the cursor in the blank field bar for typing ‘WSReset.exe.’
  • Once you’re done typing, move forward by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.
  • In doing so, a blank command prompt window will appear on the screen and the same will close automatically within a few seconds.
  • Now, as the blank command prompt window closes, the Microsoft Store will automatically open and by this way you’ll get a ‘Clear Microsoft Cache’ message. 

Well, once you received the confirmation message regarding that the cache for the Microsoft Store was cleared, check whether the problem has been resolved or not.

Go for a Premium Google Apps Account

Apart from this, you can also go for a premium solution. Wondering what? Well, despite that Outlook does allow you to sync Gmail with IMAP server, you can upgrade to a premium Google apps account to have the direct syncing tools from Google using which you’ll be able to bypass the syncing related issues that occur mainly in relation with Outlook and IMAP. 

Keep Updated from the Microsoft and Google Forums

Last but not least, if still the issue prevails, you can stay yourself up-to-date on all the latest troubleshooting ways from both Microsoft and Google. Well, because dedicated forums of these two services will keep on listing an array of solutions that work effectively to get rid of such issues and at the same time, they also update you on official solutions (if any.) That’s all! Using these above-discussed troubleshooting ways, you can surely get succeeded in again syncing Gmail and Outlook together for ensuring the smooth functioning of your Gmail account with MS Outlook email client.

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