SBCGlobal email is a very prevalent email service that is loaded with a long-range of features. But as a matter of fact, users often report issues now and then, and it is quite normal if you find the right solution. Therefore, we have crafted a guide that can help you to get rid of “SBCGlobal email not working”. If you read the article till the end, you will feel the power to conquer the SBCGlobal email issues. 

Reasons Why SBCGlobal Email Might Not Work?

Some users often struggle to find the right solution when SBCGlobal stops working, this occurs due to a lack of understanding of the possible reasons. This is why we have created a list of all the causes that can cause problems with SBCGlobal email.  

Check the List of Common Reasons for “My SBCGlobal Net Email Not Working”

  1. Bad internet connection.
  2. Not a configuration problem with IMAP and POP3 settings.
  3. Downtime of SBCGlobal email server.
  4. The interference antivirus and antimalware software.
  5. The problematic browser add-ons.
  6. The outdated version of the browser.
  7. Faulty “date and time settings” of your system.
  8. Proxy server’s interferences.
  9. iPhone setting issues.
  10.  Incorrect SBCGlobal log-in details
  11.  The wrong email settings on Android, Outlook, Gmail, and other third-party clients.

SBCGlobal Net Email Problems

  1. SBCGlobal is not functioning properly.
  2. Inability to send or receive emails from the SBCGlobal account.
  3. Inability to access SBCGlobal email account
  4. If a password is not letting you access your account.
  5. Email platform is working slow
  6. An issue in downloading or uploading email attachments.
  7. SBCGlobal was not responding on Android or iPhone.

Solutions to Fix “SBCGlobal Not Working Issue”

General Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure that the account session has not expired.
  2. The internet and Wi-Fi connection should be working fine.
  3. Restart the router and other related equipment. Also, try removing the obstacles from the path between your router and device
  4. You must configure the correct SMTP/POP3 settings with third-party clients.
  5. Clear cookies, cache, and history from your browser’s settings.
  6. If you are using the email app, it should be compatible with your device.
  7. Update the version of your mobile app.
  8. Disable all antivirus and antimalware software for a while.

SBCGlobal Email is Not Working on iPhone

Using SBCGlobal email on the iPhone is easy until you face any issue. Here is how you can easily fix the problems with SBCGlobal Email on iPhone:

  1. Make sure that you restart your device and then try using your email account. 
  2. Remove and re-add your SBCGlobal email account.
  3. It is important to enter the password correctly.
  4. To configure the settings, make sure you select the SSL verification for approaching an active server.
  5. It is important to clear the reserve data from your device.
  6. The most important thing is to properly configure an account on the iPhone. This is how you can do it:
  • Go to Settings of your iPhone
  • Select Mail>>Accounts
  • Open “Add Accounts
  • Then, select “other” and open “Add Mail Accounts
  • Enter the name and description to add an account.
  • Type-in your SBCGlobal email address and password for your account.
  • Open POP from the top menu
  • Add in the incoming mail server
  • Enter in the Outgoing Mail Server
  • You need to re-type the email address and password for the SBCGlobal email account.
  • Click “Save”.

SBCGlobal Email is Not Working on Android

Android devices need extra care after you add SBCGlobal or any email account to it. If you come across any issue with SBCGlobal email while using it on mobile, try the below-given tips:

  1. First, try to reboot your device as it can be helpful.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the email application.
  3. Correct the IMAP/ POP Configuration Settings on Android, if required.
  4. Make sure that the phone has an internet connection. 
  5. The correct IMAP settings for SBCGlobal email are:
  • Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server:
  • Incoming port: 993
  • SSL Requirement: Yes
  • Outgoing (SMTP) server:
  • Outgoing port: 465 or 587
  • SSL Requirement: Yes
  • Authentication Requirement: Yes

SBCGlobal Email Account is Not Working on Mac

To fix issues on your Mac Device, you need to set up SBCGlobal email again:

  1. Open Settings on Mac
  2. Go to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” and then “Accounts”
  3. Select “Add account
  4. Now, in the “Add Account” and go to “Other
  5. Type in your SBCGlobal email account and account password.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select “POP” from the top of the screen
  8. The hostname should be “
  9. In the Outgoing mail server screen type username and password. And the domain should be
  10.  Select Next and then Save

SBCGlobal Is Not Working on Windows or Desktop

The SBCGlobal is vastly used on computer browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and more. But when it stops working on browser, try the steps given below:

  1. You can try switching the Internet connection.
  2. Make sure that the browser you are using is updated and free from all problems.
  3. The browser should be compatible with the SBCGlobal email client. Chrome and Firefox are the best to use.
  4. Removing all cookies and cache from the browser can fix the issue.
  5. You can try deleting or disabling extensions and plugins installed on your browser. 
  6. You can change the browser if one is not working.
  7. Disable the security programs like Antivirus and Windows Firewall.
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