CompuServe was the first and foremost commercial internet service provider in the United States of America. From chat systems, forums, software downloads, to various other services, the brand is famous for multiple reasons. But the CompuServe email facility is the most widely used service. 

CompuServe was first introduced in 1969 and since then it has never looked back. It is much older than Facebook and Google and thus its popularity cannot be matched by any modern social media platform. The world’s first email content editor WYSIWYG was hosted by none other than CompuServe. 

But now, CompuServe email has been acquired by AOL and it is now managed as a subsidiary of AOL and works as an integrated portal that offers an email service and few more services. The email service can be very easily used and accessed on the web, mobile, and other third-party email clients using IMAP and SMTP protocol. 

Steps to Login to CompuServe Webmail

To sign-in to the CompuServe Webmail account, two major options are available with two different sign-in links. Let’s discuss them one-by-one.


Users who have a “” email address, need to use the below-given approach to sign-in to CS 2000 webmail:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Now, type in your CompuServe username, email, or mobile number, and then hit the “Next” button.
  3. Enter your password and click “Sign-in


If your CompuServe email address ends with “”, follow the below-given instructions to sign-in.

  1. From your favorite browser, go to 
  2. Now, you need to provide your username, email address, and mobile number in the respective field and hit the “Next” button.
  3. Enter your password and hit the “sign-in” button.

Using the aforementioned steps, accessing and managing the CompuServe email account will become a cake-walk for you.

Important Note: The given sign-in links may lead you to the AOL login webpage because CompuServe is now owned and managed by Services like CompuServe emails and greeting cards now belong to AOL and you can proceed without any worry.

After signing-in to your CompuServe webmail, you can not only create new emails but also check your emails by accessing the Mail center and clicking on “Read Mail”. For generating a new email, select “New Mail” from the top menu consisting of the Toolbar option.

Apart from sending and receiving emails, you can do a lot with your CompuServe account as it consists of a diverse range of features namely filing cabinet, address book, email scheduler, instant messenger, email controls, free virus protection, email preferences, etc.

Tips to Fix CompuServe Sign-in Issues

Login issues can disturb the entire functioning of your webmail and keeps you from accessing your CompuServe webmail account. The officials of CompuServe have compiled a list of troubleshooting methods, access by clicking 

By following this link, you can certainly get rid of login issues as it has plenty of resources to help you with. From password issues, sign-in troubles, faulty web settings, to browser issues, every problem is addressed by the brand in its troubleshooting article for which the link is provided above.

But to help you with general troubleshooting, we have created a list of tips and tricks that might help.

So, let’s begin 

  1. Reset your password in case you are facing an “Invalid Password” issue.
  2. You need to update the browser if you are using an outdated browser as it will hold you back from doing a lot of tasks with your CompuServe webmail.
  3. Having too many browsers and using them simultaneously will affect the general web settings. To fix your browser web settings. 
  4. Also, it is advisable to clear the cache and cookies from your browser as it accelerates the speed of your browser.
  5. If you are using CompuServe on your Android device or any third-party email client, make sure to provide the right settings. 

IMAP settings 

  • Incoming server (POP/IMAP): pop3
  • Incoming server address:
  • Port number of POP3: 110
  • Security: none

SMTP Settings

  • Server address:
  • Port number of SMTP: 25
  • Sign-in: required

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